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Alex Jones Speaks with Environmental Scientist Michael Coffman, October 2008

Michael Coffman, Ph.D., of Sovereignty International and Environmental Perspectives, Inc., an authority on globalism and international environmental issues.
Michael Coffman, Ph.D., of Sovereignty International and Environmental Perspectives, Inc., an authority on globalism and international environmental issues.

recorded October 20, 2008, running time 45 minutes 13 seconds

In this interview, environmental scientist and globalism expert Dr. Michael Coffman explains issues concerning the upcoming Barack Obama administration, including long term agendas of globalist bankers being implemented through treaties which exploit the public’s concerns about issues such as the environment. This interview was recorded in October of 2008.

Dr. Kaufman has a Ph.D. in forest ecology, is the Chief Executive Officer of Sovereignty International, President of Environmental Perspectives, Inc., and is the creator of the documentary video ”Global Warming or Global Governance?”

Coffman has been influential in exposing deceptive agendas of globalist organizations such as the United Nations, and was instrumental in stopping the 1994 ”Biological Diversity Assessment” bill which was shown to be actually meant as a tool for compartmentalizing and isolating human populations of the United States under a false guise of environmental reform. Coffman is also a key contributor of interviews for the Alex Jones film ”Endgame.”

Following is a description of issues spoken about in this interview:

Coffman is surprised by the amount of deception that Globalists have been able to accomplish concerning their true agendas of international consolidation toward a one world government run by private bankers, and thinks that Obama is a master of sidetracking potential voters from the true globalist agendas which will be implemented. He explains that it is important to look back into history about forty or fifty years to see the first elements of what the globalists are trying to implement, including the creation of the IMF ( International Monetary Fund ) and the World Bank.

Coffman also mentions that it is important to look back to the activities of Secretary General Kofi Annan in the 1990s, who essentially established the United Nations as the World Government through ”Track Two” documents which define a process through which the UN will be consolidating power using international treaties in which structures are laid out in order to take control of the nations of the world. Such treaties include the Convention on Climate Change, the Convention on Biological Diversity, the Convention on Desertification, and many others which are designed to create an interlocking network of legal mechanisms by which the United Nations will control the world.

Coffman explains that in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, documents had been introduced which redefined the financial structure of the world. In a 2002 meeting on economics and development in Monterey, Mexico, a series of goals were laid out that are currently in the process of being implemented— creating a financial structure headquartered and run out of the United Nations and controlled by private global banks who are kept essentially invisible to the citizens of the world. He explains that the Bank of International Settlements which is headquartered in Basil, Switzerland, will have power to control the economies of every nation of the world, and how there is plan to consolidate the number of world currencies down to only two or possibly three, while also consolidating nations to divide the world into only a few economic regions.

Alex Jones mentions that such agendas are being described with such terms such as ”harmonization,” and are being implemented with treaties that appear local in scope but are actually global. Coffman mentions that despite the North American Union being labeled as a ”dead” agenda due to too much public exposure, 8 Billion dollars was just allocated to secure the southern border of Mexico rather than it’s northern border that it shares with the United States. Also mentioned is how the growing North American Union is in the process of being merged with aspects of the European Union, such as with banking, social, and environmental agreements.

Coffman mentions that the IMF is likely to be reformulated into a central world bank, similar to how the Federal Reserve is the central bank of the United States. He explains that such changes which are precipitated by the recent economic collapse are likely to occur abruptly and have been predicted to happen by many for the past decade at least.

Alex Jones mentions the fact that SPP ( Security and Prosperity Partnership ) documents in 2005 made reference to making use of environmental, economic, and terror crisis as a pretext for furthering consolidation objectives in order to create a North American Union. Coffman comments on how many Americans are preparing to vote for Democrats thinking they will receive ”change,” but will instead empower the people most responsible for creating the recent economic collapse, as well as many other damaging agendas including deceptive legislation under the guise of ”Environmental Reform.”

Coffman comments on how what is happening now is a ”controlled collapse” which is designed to occur slowly in stages, in order not to alarm the citizenry of the world about the severity of changes that are taking place.

Coffman comments on the situation with Polar Bears being deceptively listed as threatened for political reasons, despite no credible scientific evidence existing to back up those claims. [ Editor’s note— U.S. Government studies showing Polar Bears being endangered due to the effects of global warming have been shown to be unscientific in 2008 Congressional hearings. ]

Coffman talks about a popular trend of a shift toward religious beliefs known as ”Panthiesm,” being the worship of nature over humanity. He explains that many who subscribe to this view have an agenda of drastically reducing the world’s population to between only one to two billion people, as opposed to the seven billion which exist now. He also explains how many are fanatical about this view, in particular among the global elite such as members of the Rockefeller family who are often behind major environmental legislation which is often shown to be ultimately destructive for the environment. Alex Jones further explains how such legislation is often not at all actually about the environment, but rather an ”anti-human blood lust.”

Coffman further talks about the Convention on Biological Diversity and Convention on Climate Change being designed to stop the progress of humanity and bring it back to a pre-Columbian type of feudal system, where humans would have little impact on the earth. He explains how in 1994 he introduced a map to the U.S. Senate floor showing what the Convention on Biological diversity was actually intended to do, and it literally sent the Senate into shock, prompting Senator Mitchell who was the majority leader at the time to pull the treaty off of the calendar before it could even be voted on because it was so unacceptable.

Alex Jones talks about issues with a University of Texas professor at named Eric Pianka, who openly teaches that a large portion of the world’s human population should be killed off from such diseases as Ebola, and Alex mentions that some who learn from and appreciate his philosophies are employed by the biological and weapons industries.

Coffman talks about the environmental movement at it’s core being Nihilistic, believing that humans are the cause of all of the world’s problems and therefore the only solution being the elimination of humans. He mentions how in public documents it is strategized that up to 80% of the human population should be eliminated, with a few ruling elite controlling the rest who exist to serve those elite as ”support staff” and ”serfs.” Alex Jones mentions this being the reason why the United States has been ”de-industrialized” giving the fiat banking system absolute control. Coffman mentions that private properly rights and self sufficiency are the most important foundational structure for our freedoms.

Coffman talks about the establishment of the Adirondack Park Agency in upstate New York in 1972, which essentially took control of the lives of the people who live in that area. He talks about how new development in the area has been halted and some people have had to tear their houses down due to not conforming to the whims of the agency, which he says is a microcosm of what we can expect in the future. Alex Jones mentions a case in the San Fransico area where people had been forced to move from an area which the city took over as park space, only to have city and environmental officials then move into that area and engage in such activities as riding recreational four wheelers. Coffman then mentions how it is common for ranking officials in the environmental movement to be allowed to skirt zoning laws which average citizens must wrangle with for many years before being allowed to build.

Coffman and Alex Jones talk more about the ”smart growth” agenda which is used as an excuse for taking land away from citizens to be sold to members of the global elite. Coffman talks about how smart growth actually creates environmental problems and pollution despite being implemented with the excuse of saving the environment, and warns how dangerous it is for anybody’s local government to involved with, as it is actually implemented for the purpose of raising taxes and giving unelected beurocrats control over the citizen’s lives. Alex then mentions many examples of gross abuse of that agenda for corrupt purposes.

Coffman mentions that it is very important to educate young people about how they are being misled about environmental issues by the public school system, and also talks about how the political establishment is overwhelmingly pushing for global warming legislation. Coffman talks about how when the global warming issue is scrutinized that there is essentially little or no evidence that man is causing global warming, and he also mentions that storm intensity and frequency is decreased by a warming climate, as well as how the polar caps have recently been expanding.

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