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Refutation of Claims of the Trans-Texas Corridor Project Being Cancelled

A map of the NAFTA superhighway previously posted on the SPP.GOV website..
A map of the NAFTA superhighway previously posted on the SPP.GOV website..

recorded January 7, 2008, running time 27 minutes

Following is a description of the above January 7, 2009 broadcast by radio host Alex Jones:

Despite a recent press release claiming the Trans-Texas Corridor project being cancelled, radio host Alex Jones explains the only difference being that the project which is integral in creating a future North American Union has only been renamed.

The Trans-Texas corridor is part of the NAFTA superhighway system, which is integral for creating the North American Union which was defined in Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) documents, of which the the entire minutes from a meeting in Banff, Canada in September of 2007 were acquired by the Judicial Watch organization who sued for their acquisition in September of 2007.

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDot) is planning to take 34 major US Interstate highways to make them "international zones," which are broken into regional sub-projects in order to create difficulties for the public organizing against their creation.

The Trans-Texas corridor is the "crown jewel" of the NAFTA superhighway system. When the citizens of Texas found that the plan entailed 8,000 miles of Texas roadways, the Spanish and Australian-owned company "Centra-Zachary" paid the State of Texas $500 Million, however they will profit hundreds of billions of dollars in just the first decade, and profit hundreds of billions of dollars every year nationwide.

The Texas State Legislature passed a law in 2006 stating that toll roads cannot be put on existing roads, which allowed TxDot and Governor Rick Perry to claim that the toll roads have stopped. However, Perry vetoed the bill six months later in order for the road projects to move forward. Public opinion is so firmly against the roads being put in place that politicians and companies need to rely on deception in order to put the roads in place.

Other ways used to get around the State and Federal laws that State that an existing road cannot be changed into a toll road is to add an extra shoulder or another lane, or fix a bridge in order to claim the entire road is new. Also the names of the roads can be changed.

George Bush signed an executive order in 2007 stating that if States want to receive their toll road or Department of Transportation Federal money, that they must give their roads over to foreign interests. Also, Barack Obama's proposed highway plan is to further shift control of roads over to foreign interests which will profit heavily from the roads.

The Trans-Texas corridor itself was already a deception as other "trans-corridors" are all part of the larger NAFTA Superhighway Security and Prosperity Partnership system that plans to take over every Federal and State highway in the United States, and place international tolls on those roads with a large portion shared with the State, County, Federal, and international bureaucracies under the North American Union. The same sort of transition is happening in such countries as Chile, Argentina, Greece, Iceland.

For more information about North American Union, see the video clip Endgame Part 2 - How the Bilderberg Group is Secretly Merging the North American Continent.

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