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Media Personality Glenn Beck is "Controlled Opposition"

Fox News and CNN media personality Glenn Beck
Fox News and CNN media personality Glenn Beck

recorded September 14, 2009, running time 10 minutes

Radio host Alex Jones discusses issues concerning Beck being ”controlled opposition” working for the establishment elite to polarizie and distract conservative and libertarian movements while also making such movements seem illegitimate in the eyes of others.

Issues spoken about include Beck’s support of the banker takeover, his labeling of Ron Paul supporters as potentially dangerous domestic terrorists, his taking control of organizing tea parties for the purpose of misinforming individuals involved, and his giving false information concerning the existence of FEMA camps.

Following is a description of points made in the broadcast:

- Beck has been put in place by the establishment elite for the purpose of discrediting Conservatives and Libertarians, being meant as a ”ringer” in the fight while the global corporate state consolidates the wealth of the United States so it can be more easily extracted offshore. Beck is a ”media whore” who plays the role of being ”loyal opposition” in order to misinform legitimate grass-roots opposition to the New World Order. Beck was hired as a slick presenter which has a dual message meant to polarize the conservative movement while at the same time benefiting the establishment left and the elite through creating an impression in the eyes of the left that conservative views are illegitimate.

- Beck speaks about just enough Libertarian views to win the trust of many of the less informed in order to make them feel that their revolutionary energies are being effectively expressed while distracting them from taking part in activism concerning more important issues. An example of this is the ”9/12” project which reinforces neo-conservative ideas of sacrificing freedoms for safety through further empowering the police state.

- Beck is meant to reinforce Neocon agendas which Obama is following, by giving Obama ”left cover” through demonizing actions which Obama is not actually partaking in, such as criticizing Obama for pulling troops out of the middle east conflicts, when in fact Obama is ramping up involvement and boosting the total number of troops.

- Another false claim Beck makes is that Obama is a ”communist,” when in fact Obama is a ”Coca-Cola corporate fascist." Beck is meant to help ensure that people don’t shift out of the ”false left / right” paradigm and continue to perceive Obama as being a ”leftist” while distracting attention from the fact that Obama is looting the country’s wealth for empowering offshore banks.

- Obama’s new economic reform plan will give total dictatorial power to a new private board of banks which will control every part of the United States economy— including even hot dog stands, hair salons, factories, and car dealerships, and the truth of the matter is that the group of elite which is seizing power is bipartisan.

- Despite most other conservative journalists not supporting the banker bailout, Glenn Beck wholeheartedly was in favor of it, and he will also most likely be in favor of Obama’s new Bank of the World being rolled out which will be a regulatory system over Unites States currency after the economy most likely crashes again next year.

- Beck sided with Department of Homeland Security reports claiming that supporters of Ron Paul are potentially dangerous domestic terrorists which should be dealt with by the U.S. Army, but he then later sided with Ron Paul when it suited Beck to do so for growing his audience after any danger of Ron Paul having a real chance for winning the presidency had subsided.

- Beck is ”controlled opposition” who has taken control of organizing major Tea Parties which are taking place around the country, and his role is to help ensure that many individuals who are involved are kept under control and unaware of the most important issues, despite the fact that the Tea Parties had started six years ago to raise awareness of 9/11 truth issues and then later focused on issues opposing the banker takeover.

- Also it is mentioned how Beck gave false information denying the existence of FEMA camps through giving common ”straw man” arguments of showing camps that have been discredited as being the extent of the issue, when in fact he neglected to mention the many camps which legitimately do exist.

- Alex closes by mentioning that Glen Beck is now considered a leader by many millions of people who are counting on him, but Beck is actually a ”Benedict Arnold” who sees what he is doing as ”herding” and ”managing” uninformed people and Beck seems to consider himself doing so as being a joke.

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