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A Summary and Criticism of the ”Framework Convention on Climate Change” Treaty

The United Nations "Framework Convention on Climate Change" will meet in December.
The United Nations "Framework Convention on Climate Change" will meet in December.

recorded November 2, 2009, running time 40 minutes 30 seconds

[Editor's Note, December 11, 2011— This audio broadcast is from 2009. The meeting being spoken about here did not achieve a binding agreement, and since that time the Framework Convention on Climate Change has met in Cancun, Mexico in 2010, and in Durban, South Africa in 2011.]

Hundreds of nations will be meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark during December to potentially ratify the "Framework Convention on Climate Change" Treaty which has been drafted by a Rockefeller Foundation funded body of the United Nations.

Radio host Alex Jones gives an overview of the treaty and reads through sections of the document mentioning aspects of concern during a November 2, 2009 broadcast, detailing issues about the treaty serving to greatly empower a world government which is run by non-elected private bankers. Also mentioned are issues concerning inaccurate propaganda put out by many media outlets concerning global warming, as well as agendas of extreme population reduction which are often associated with global warming legislation.

The broadcast contains much concentrated information which is summarized here in the format of a list of key points.

Specific Aspects of the "Framework Convention on Climate Change Treaty"

— It is explained that organizations which support the Framework Convention on Climate Change Treaty have signed what amounts to a ”declaration of tyranny, corruption and neo-feudal serfdom through economic terrorism against the people of the world” due to deceptive agendas which would be implemented by the treaty, as is described here in the following points.

— Thousands of newspaper editorials have been written this year calling for a world government, such as Secretary General of the United Nations Ban-Ki-Moon writing an editorial published in hundreds of papers entitled ”We Can Do It,” which mentions a need for a global government.

— In an article entitled ”Elites Launch ‘Global Impact Investing Network’” (GIIN), it is explained that private corporations making up the Non-Governemental Organizations (”NGO”s) of the climate agreement will be the only ones who will be allowed to operate and to trade carbon credits. Al Gore is one of the chief owners of one of the five companies, and he has invested in three of the other four. The GIIN is headed by Antony Bugg-Levine, the current director of the Rockefeller Foundation which is one of the chief sponsors of the treaty.

— Rather than creating a debate about the fact that an unelected, unaccountable, private corporate board would be ruling all ”carbon activity” on the planet, the media often claims that there is no plan for a carbon tax or world government, despite the fact that legislation has recently been passed by the US House which is designed to tie into the proposed Copenhagen treaty.

— Under this legislation, there will be a tax on all food, pets, fossil fuels, plastics, and industries in general, and unelected private and government boards will do home inspections. Coal plants will be shut down which will more than double fuel costs, and it is shown that oil companies have been heavily involved in creating the plans despite being portrayed by the media and environmental groups as being against such agendas.

— Documents written by globalist organizations such and the United Nations and the Club of Rome show that the true agenda of such treaties is to shut down industrial capacity of nations in order to form an organized ”eugenics” society which is "bankrupted" in order to shift the populace of the world to a post-industrial feudalistic ”managed economy” type of economic system. (See the following section ”Video Clips from the Documentary Film ‘Endgame’.”)

Video Clips from the Documentary Film "Endgame"

Following are video clips from the Alex Jones documentary film "Endgame", discussing many little known long-term agendas of globalist establishment groups and individuals such as David Rockefeller and the United Nations. Agendas of consolidation of the nations of the world into a "one world government" run by unelected private bankers is explained, as well as the application of agendas of extreme eugenics and world depopulation through the use of highly unethical and even genocidal methods.

Endgame Part 1: An Introduction to Historical Abuses by the Global Elite
This introductory clip from the Alex Jones film ”Endgame” explains how activities of ruling elite individuals have historically been following an agenda of global domination and consolidation. It explains how banking cartels such as the Rothschild family of England have historically been responsible for starting major wars such as Word War I and World War II for the purpose of war profiteering by means of financing both sides of the conflicts.
running time 13 minutes

Endgame Part 2 - How the Bilderberg Group is Secretly Merging the North American Continent
This video clip from the Alex Jones film ”Endgame” explains specifically how the Bilderberg Group has been using stealth for strategically paving the way toward full consolidation of the North American countries, for merging the populations, monetary systems, militaries, and highways of the United States, Canada and Mexico.
running time 23 minutes 28 seconds

Endgame Part 3 - A History of the Use of Eugenics by the Ruling Elite
This video clip from the Alex Jones film ”Endgame” explains how members of the global Elite have historically been implementing systems of eugenics and genocidal policies by following philosophies of such individuals as Robert Thomas Malthus, who felt that the world would benefit from large portions of its human population being eliminated.

Among issues discussed is the connections between the Rockefeller family's obsession with eugenics and Adolph Hitler's implementation of the Holocaust— which was conceived in part by the influence of popular eugenics theories of the time put forth by many American individuals and organizations.
running time 42 minutes

— Pages 5 and 6 of the treaty mention global taxes and a global regulatory system run by a private board and acknowledges the need for ratifying the Koyoto Protocol. The US and Europe will bear the brunt of making the cuts in CO2 in order to move industrial production to the third world— which will actaully result in boosting greenhouse gasses due to the fact that the countries which the industry will move to will not be binded by the same emission standards. The globalists are only interested in the tax revenue and control that is generated, and it is often posed that the treaty will ”help” the third world through ”taking from the rich and giving to the poor”, but the reality is that the treaty will mostly empower private banks and exploit third world countries.

— Pages 17, 18, and 19 from the document talk about how the convention agreement will be based on three basic pillars— government, ”facilitated mechanisms”, and ”financial mechanisms” which will implement various taxes in a dictatorial and not democratic manner.

— On page 22 of the document it states that the countries will agree that carbon dioxide is a danger and all carbon activity should be regulated and taxed. In the climate bill that has passed in the US House, thirty-five agencies are given essentially unlimited power related to the regulation of carbon activity.

— Page 142 lays out a decision making mechanism of ”hired scientists” working with elements elected by the ”COP” ( which is the private government arm of the United Nations ) working with ”regional experts” who will be selected, for the purpose of deciding on matters related to the science of environmental issues.

— On pages 160-164 is it described how globalist individuals and the United Nations choose what gets to be developed and what receives tax incentives. Loans don’t get backed up by taxpayer money and the carbon tax unless the organizations submit to United Nations organizations such as the ”COP.” It is shown that oil companies such as Exxon are actually very much behind the legislation, despite often being portrayed as not being so— similar to how insurance companies are actually supportive of the health care bill currently being attempted to be passed by Congress.

— The bodies of the UN are unelected organizations, they do what they want, when they want, how they want— it is a global government, and countries won’t be able to get out of the agreement unless all of the other countries agree— which would essentially guarantee that countries such as the United States would be forced to stay in such an agreement.

— The treaty says that the countries will agree that Carbon Dioxide is dangerous, and that climate change is always a bad thing— despite much evidence to the contrary. Climate change is becoming like a religion and it’s effects are often extremely exaggerated by media and government groups.

— Climate change is listed as being a ”burden to development,” but in fact the real agenda is actually about ”deindustrialization”— as is evidenced in documents by globalist organizations such as the United Nations. Examples are mentioned such as how the UN would determine how much water can be used in each nation— it is a power grab over many key environmental aspects the planet, and it is run by private non-elected UN groups.

— On page 171 it is explained that private banks will promote joint ventures to accelerate development, and only certain select corporate groups will be able to get the business because it is given to them by the UN Panel, which will give control over what infrastructure can be implemented and what infrastructure cannot be implemented. All of the signatories must vote unaminously to let any one party out of the agreement or to amend it— which then essentially gives total dictatorial power to the private UN body.

— On page 35, the document explains that even emergency response measures by countries using local, national, and international resources will be effected. Climate change issues are specified to be infused into essentially every law, making the issue as if it is a religion. The covention mentions that nation-states will have to pass accompanying laws to line up with the treaty’s laws, and Congress has already passed draconian rules in the US House which match up with the treaty. Agendas are mentioned such as removing ”barriers” such as national sovereignty and state and local laws, and using taxation for forcing compliance with their regulations.

— Societal issues are even mentioned such as strategies of making use of sex-based socioeconomic data for involving woman as ”active participants” presumably to attempt to turn climate change into a ”battle of the sexes” type of issue.

Recent Distortions in the Media Concerning Global Warming

  view individual page  |   view in popup windowRunning Time: 1 minutes, 10 seconds  

by Brendan O'Neil
The Australian

IF you don't reduce your carbon footprint, then puppies will drown and bunny rabbits will die. And a terrifying, jagged-toothed monster with crazy hooked hands will descend from the clouds to eat you up.

Believe it or not, that is the message being delivered by the British government to children, in a L6 million ($10.7m) advertising campaign designed to scare the next generation witless about the alleged horrors of global warming.

Taking environmentalist propaganda to a new low, the TV ad shows a father reading a nightmarish bedtime story to his perturbed-looking young daughter.

He tells her of a land where the "weather is very, very strange". There are "awful heatwaves" and "terrible storms and floods". A cartoon bunny is shown crying as it starves on the dried, cracked earth, while elsewhere a puppy drowns in floodwaters.

Above it all, a sooty, blackened monster - CO2 made hideous flesh - surveys the horrors with a grotesque grin on its face.

And just in case the little girl, and the millions of children that the TV ad is aimed at, thinks this is merely a twisted fairytale, her father makes clear that it is reality.

It is the "horrible consequence", he says, of human beings using too much CO2, much of which comes from "everyday things like keeping houses warm and driving cars".

In short? Children who live in warm houses and who get lifts to school or football practice should feel guilty, because their evil antics are causing dogs to die and cute rabbits to go hungry.

View the entire article here ..

Extreme Population Reduction Agendas Often Associated With Global Warming Issues

An Australian ABC website called ”The Planet Slayer Greenhouse Calculator,” teaches children that they must die to save the earth.

— Global warming issues are used as an excuse to forward extreme population reduction agendas, despite the fact that populations are already falling in developed countries of the world. View a TimesOnline article explaining that an advisor to Gordon Brown is urging that the population of the UK must fall by half in order to save the environment.

— Some organizations are perpetuating ”Malthusian” ideas that ”people need to die to save the Earth.” An Australian ABC website called ”The Planet Slayer Greenhouse Calculator,” teaches children that they must die to save the earth.

— It is often taught by environmental organizations and the media that ”babies are bad for the earth,” and the Obama Science Czar John P. Holdren had published books calling for extreme population reduction measures including forced abortions and drugging the water supply of unknowing citizens. The ”pro-death” propaganda is so pervasive that many have been made to feel that it is their ”obligation” to die in order to save the environment.

— A private banking cartel run by Goldman Sacs, J.P. Morgan, and the Bank of England openly finance aspects created by the treaty, and they will decide on such issues as the allocation of resources and tax revenue and if individuals can own a business or a factory.

— On page 43 it is described how loans will be provided to developing countries with interest if those countries get rid of certain other industries. It describes how only ”first world” nations would have to pay a particular carbon tax which would force increasing amounts of industry to the thrid world where they do not have those restrictions— which would further de-industrialize countries such as the United States. In the 1970’s, documents and statements by key organizations and individuals such as David Rockefeller laid out theoretical strategies of carbon taxes being used to make sure that no nation state could be entirely self-sufficient.

— On page 64, it is explained how global regulators will make decisions, and how they will impose increasingly bigger taxes in order to force compliance from businesses, and these global regulators will be a part of a select corrupt ”good ole’ boy” network.

— On page 83, ”cap and trade schemes” and ”carbon taxes” are described— where unelected groups will make key decisions for the countries and it will be nearly impossible for countries to escape those decisions. Third world countries are being told that they will become wealthy from the deal, however it is the same banks that have been exploiting those countries for decades that are making those false claims to them.

— Page 134 of the treaty describes taxes and regulations on products and services including methods of travel, stating that air travel should be ”rationed,” and media reports are calling for England and other countries to be passing laws that individuals need to get certification for ”essential travel” only. Also legislation is being attempted to be passed which attaches restrictions on flying with restrictions on owning firearms, in a program called ”No fly, no buy.”

— The US House has already passed the conforming legislation to this treaty, and they did not let the public or the Congress see much of the legislation before a vote was forced on it.

— Essentially every aspect of people’s lives will be taxed, and ”rationing cards” could even be introduced in the near future.

— Page 160 describes a mechanism where Globalist organizations get tax exemptions for patents that others would not— another example of a controlled and unfair market.

— Page 173 describes aspects of the ”carbon market” which Al Gore owns a large share of. Private banks will take the tax money and then loan it out. ”Traders” of bonds will not need to pay taxes, and a select few will make trillions of dollars.

— Many selective taxes will be levied on essentially everything that can be purchased, and consumers will be the ones who will bear the brunt of expense— many wealthy lobbyist corporations will be exempt from paying those taxes. Taxes have also been proposed for having more than one child and for having pets.

— Even the UN’s own ”cooked books” currently say that only 3% of the increase in CO2 is man-made. Humans exhale CO2 and plants breathe it, but nonetheless CO2 is often falsely portrayed in the media as being a ”dangerous toxic pollutant.”

— The 1996 United Nations Biological Diversity Assessment states a goal of an 80% reduction in the population of the world and a return to a feudalistic type of society. See the above section Video Clips from the Documentary Film Endgame.

— Media outlets have been trying to discredit Alex Jones, and the media personality Glenn Beck has been spreading disinformation by often appearing to have political views that are aligned with truthfulness but then exploiting the trust he develops by being dishonest about other important issues such as the existence of Global Government. Media outlets often attempt to deny that global government exists when the issue is being criticized.

— If the treaty is passed, heavy new taxes would be implemented at every level of government— from the local level all the way up to the international level, due to the fact that revenue is shared at each level in a way which makes the application of the taxes very appealing to those involved in each of the government bodies. The new taxes would end up essentially bringing even local communities under the control of an unelected global government, and it would all be implemented due to false fears created through phony environmentalism.

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