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Journalist Wayne Madsen explains why ”WikiLeaks” is not what it appears to be

Investigative Journalist Wayne Madsen
Investigative Journalist Wayne Madsen

recorded April 1, 2010, running time 13 minutes 50 seconds

Radio Host Alex Jones speaks with investigative journalist Wayne Madsen discussing issues about the information outlet WikiLeaks a few days before video footage of U.S. military killing civilians and journalists in Baghdad was released to the public by the organization. Madsen lays out his case that WikiLeaks is controlled behind the scenes by establishment organizations and individuals such as George Soros.

Wayne Madsen has appeared on ABC News, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN, BBC, Al-Jezeera, MSNBC, has been a U.S. Naval Officer, has been one of the first computer security programmers for the U.S. Navy, he has worked for the National Security Agency, the Naval Data Automation Command, the Department of State, RCA Corporation, the Computer Science Corporation, and is a senior Fellow for the Electronic Privacy Information Center.

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Following is a written description of the discussion:

Description of statements— Wayne Madsen: The Icelandic government has been severely battered by the activities of the globalist financier George Soros and his hedge funds as well as by Goldman Sacs and other elements of the banking industry engaging in corrupt financial activities. The WikiLeaks organization is now attempting to help turn Iceland into a ”haven for journalists, whistleblowers and information leakers of all types,” but the old saying, ”If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” apparently applies to WikiLeaks, as the operation appears to be a ”red herring” which presents itself as supposedly being a ”safe harbor” for people to leak information to the public, but the reality of the situation is that the organization is often being used for leaking corporate information that is damaging to the competitors of George Soros and Goldman Sachs.

Description of statements— Alex Jones: Some of the leaks do appear to be ”selective” as Madsen has explained, however the organization has also leaked information in the past which has been helpful in fighting corruption, but nonetheless Wikileaks has potential to be abused by secretive government agencies for dissemination of disinformation.

Description of statements— Wayne Madsen: An established Swiss banking group called ”Julius Baer” which was founded in the 19th century was one of the most secretive and stable Swiss financial institutions, and in 2002 associations which later formed into WikiLeaks started publicly leaking customer data from Julius Baer which contained information about people who had offshore bank accounts in the Cayman Islands, but many of the people named were not US citizens but rather residents of Hong Kong, Singapore, and other countries where such investing activities were completely legal. Madsen explains that immediately after the publication of the data, Baer’s stock dropped 60% and was then subject to a hostile takeover by Goldman Sachs, and Baer’s CEO was found dead of a suicide but nobody seems to understand why Alex Widmar, who was a widower with three kids at 52 years of age, would have taken his own life.

Description of statements— Alex Jones: Alex explains that he is impressed with Madsen’s track record of having accurate information over the past years, and he explains that he thinks that not everyone involved with WikiLeaks is corrupt but he agrees that a potential exists for the organization being fed disinformation from government agencies. He explains that the organization has done good in the past by putting out useful information such as Army manuals speaking about false flag terrorism, CIA manuals explaining how to lie to the public, and CIA documents explaining how to exploit the public’s apathy, and he explains that just about any journalistic endeavor has potential to be infiltrated by government agencies, particularly in order to attack opponents of globalization.

Description of statements— Wayne Madsen: Madsen thinks that the organization is being used by establishment interests as a counterintelligence tool and he explains that some of the information that the organization supposedly exposes is already available as open source. He explains that Iceland’s attempts to move into the ”information mecca” has a lot to do with George Soros ”shorting” the Icelandic Krona which led to a banking collapse in that country, and now Iceland is being used as a base to circumvent privacy laws in order to leak information which could be used to potentially blackmail people, extort money, and hurt competitors.

The globalist financier and media owner George Soros (left) is essentially a ”left wing” counterpart to Rupert Murdoch who owns Fox News (right).

Description of statements— Wayne Madsen: Madsen says that he thinks a ”confluence” exists between WikiLeaks and George Soros, who is the most major ”gatekeeper” of the left wing in comparison to his right wing counterpart Rupert Murdoch. Madsen laments about imagining a scenario where Soros and Murdoch get together and slap each other on the knee and laugh about how they’ve got most of the population of the world corralled into two ”camps” with each camp being fed establishment disinformation through control of media outlets. Soros has billions of dollars at his disposal for disseminating globalism related information through the many news outlets which he financially supports and controls, and links exist between Soros’ ”Open Society Institute” and WikiLeaks under a guise of operations in support of ”freedom of information” and ”freedom of the press,” but in actuality is for the empowerment of ulterior motives.

Description of statements— Wayne Madsen: An individual previously associated with Wikileaks named John Young who now runs the website had left WikiLeaks in 2007 claiming that it is a CIA front organization.

Description of statements— Alex Jones: Alex explains that he hopes that the organization is at worst only being exploited at certain levels. He explains that he has received useful information from the organization in the past which he has made use of, such as the MIAC Report, information about Clergy Response Teams, and even government documents about the Pentagon surveilling himself.

Description of statements— Alex Jones: Alex explains that recently Fox News and organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center have been singling him out personally as a hostile threat despite his not calling for violence. Many media outlets are currently attempting to create a false perception that he is attempting to incite violence in order for the government to be able to clamp down on parts of the ”Tea Party” that they don’t control.

Description of statements— Wayne Madsen: We are in a new phase of warfare called ”information warfare” or ”information operations,” meaning using information against people. He explains that Fox New should not be thought of as a ”news organization” but rather as a ”propaganda outlet.” He explains again that Fox is the major ”corraller” of people who align themselves with right wing views while George Soros does the same for people who align themselves with left wing views, and news outlets such as the New York Times exist more in the middle. Murdoch also owns newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal and The Times of London.

Description of statements— Wayne Madsen: The establishment globalists are ”trying to eliminate the competition” in the alternative media and a symbiosis exists between Fox News and agencies of the government for the news organization to leak propaganda which leads to major policy decisions such as going to war.

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