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Webster Tarpley Speaks with Alex Jones About the Wikileaks Organization Being ”Controlled Opposition”

Author, Historian, and Economist Webster Griffin Tarpley
Author, Historian, and Economist Webster Griffin Tarpley

recorded December 5, 2010, running time 37 minutes 42 seconds

Author and Historian Webster Tarpley discusses issues with Alex Jones concerning the Wikileaks organization. Explained is that its leaks are controlled by the establishment in order to ”whitewash” the most significant wrongdoings of the government and to attack individuals and organizations that are on the CIA’s ”hit list” as well as to attack certain financial institutions, while at the same time serving as an excuse for the government to crack down on freedoms of the internet.

The following are descriptions of statements from the conversation:

Webster Tarpley: The Wikileaks operation is associated with the globalist financier George Soros and the rouge network of intelligence agencies including the CIA and NSA, being similar to Daniel Ellsberg’s ”Pentagon Papers” of 1971 which was a similarly highly publicized ”document dump” as Wikileaks is today. The RAND Corporation and CFR associated Pentagon Papers covertly intended to ”whitewash” wrongdoing by the CIA and to shift guilt to the US Army and to President Kennedy, and also to cover up many aspects of the Kennedy assassination. Similarly, ”Watergate” was used to shift popular rage to be against Nixon when it should have been against the CIA for its involvement in such activity as drug smuggling and gun running operations and their involvement in setting up the major wars at the time. Morton Halperin is a highly ranked individual in George Soros’ organizations who had been personally involved with the Pentagon Papers, and Daniel Ellsberg himself has recently been personally endorsing Julian Assange.

Daniel Ellsberg’s ”Pentagon Papers” of 1971 was a similar establishment trick to disseminate disinformation as Wikileaks is today.

Webster Tarpley: Wikileaks has had three major ”waves” of public releases so far. The first wave was the now well-known exposure of the video of people being machine gunned from a helicopter in Iraq, which was released to build credibility for the organization. The second round came in July 2010, where it was attempted to ”Watergate” Prime Minister Maliki of Iraq to show that he was corrupt and presided over murders— which was true, but the intention was to create an excuse for bringing in Ayad Allowi who was more of a US puppet than Maliki was, but up until now that operation has failed.

Also the second round of releases exposed the murder of the Italian intelligence agent Nicola Calipari, who had gone into Iraq and was able to free a kidnapped Journalist Guiliana Sgrena of the left wing ”Manifesto” newspaper of Rome. Calipari had much specific information about the US running Al-Qaeda in Iraq and he was murdered so he would not expose that information, and the Wikileaks documents were disinformation which attempted to conceal direct US involvement in his murder.

Alex Jones: Four years ago George Bush put out a press release admitting that the US was running four Muslim groups— three of them Al-Qaeda based, out of Iraq and Kurdistan into Iran. Also two months ago Fox News exposed a secret document explaining that Anwar al-Awlaki was really a CIA operative hanging out secretly at the Pentagon getting orders while running the ”Underwear bomber,” and the ”Fort Hood Shooter.” Al-Queda was created decades ago by high ranking US individuals such as Zbigniew Brzezinski and the current Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.

Alex Jones: The Wikileaks situation is ultimately meant to help move toward global destabilization and a major global war leading to a police state in the US. The influential organization the RAND Corporation has openly stated that they want such a war in internal documents as reported two years ago by Alex Abella who was one of the only outsiders to ever be given entrance into the organization.

Alex Jones: Ray McGovern, the high level CIA analyst and former top briefer to Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr. said four years ago on the Alex Jones Show that the ”Golden Mosque” bombing was intended to get Sheites and Sunni Muslims fighting and killing each other. Also a Guardian of London Report showed MI6 commandos dressed as Sunnis Muslims shooting Iraqi police in Basara. He explains that since it is a multi-trillion dollar war, it is necessary for them to create a fake enemy.

Webster Tarpley: The cables released by Wikileaks are carefully selected by an interagency committee of ”old boys” from organisations such as the CIA and NSA in a ”self exposure” operation.

Webster Tarpley: In the current document dump by Wikileaks, everybody who is ”hit,” meaning ”embarrassed,” ”attacked,” or ”ridiculed” is on the CIA ”hit list,” and nothing in the leaks is concerning the ”echelon” powers such as Israel, the British, Australia, Canada, or New Zealand. Currently information is being put out about Russian President Putin and Belisconi of Italy for the purpose of creating conflict with Russia. Also it is shown that Saudi Arabia is interested in the US attacking Iran.

Alex Jones: News organizations such as Fox News create a big fuss about the ”danger” of the leaks in order to give the appearance of legitimacy to the operation.

Webster Tarpley: Julian Assange is a government operative who is a product of the CIA MK-Ultra mind control program, who was created in the ”Anne Hamilton-Byrne” LSD mind control cult in a neighborhood of Melbourne, Australia in the 1970s. One of his parents was involved in the cult and Assange grew up being exposed to it’s activities including much LSD drug use and fornication amongst the children of the cult. The children of the cult had their hair dyed blond, and Assange’s hair was initially dyed blond when he first came upon the scene. Assange became part of a ”hacker” community where he hacked into NASA and he wrote a book under the name ”Mendax” which is a Latin word for ”liar.” Assange is a mind controlled ”zombie” operative who is now the ”media darling” of the most high profile outlets of the anglo American media establishment of the world, including the New York Times and London Guardian.

[ Note 2011/01/29— Also see the Henry Makow article Julian Assange’s Ties to Nazi Cult ]

Webster Tarpley: If the CIA actually wanted to ”shut Assange up,” they would abduct him and extradite him to one of the CIA ”black sites” around the world and then proceed to beat him up, which is a legal practice under the Obama Administration, but instead the CIA is only issuing impotent and empty requests for Wikileaks to stop while at the same time the US is attempting to pass legislation in the US restricting free speech using the organization as an excuse. Assange has become a new hero for the ”left liberals,” and they are lining up to support him now that it is clear to them that Obama has betrayed them.

Webster Tarpley: Julian Assange is more than merely a ”useful idiot,” and Assange has claimed that he will be exposing information about a major US bank such as Bank of America or Citibank, and it might be a ploy to push the Bank of America into a panic— and George Soros and his hedge funds have already ”shorted” it, with Soros preparing to otherwise profit from whatever else Wikileaks is going to do.

Alex Jones: George Soros associated Cass Sunstein is now the White House information Czar, and he openly said in an essay two years ago that they will infiltrate the alternative media such as anti-man made global warming groups and 9/11 truth movements by issuing disinformation to discredit those movements and then start outlawing the media and free speech. Now that Assange has built up his ”street credentials,” he is now saying that he will go after certain brokerage firms and banks, and George Soros has been convicted in two countries of financial wrongdoing.

Julian Assange has said he is ”irritated and fed up” with 9/11 truth activists because their claims ”have no basis.”
Webster Tarpley: Wikileaks and Assange is the fulfillment of what Sunstein said he wanted, he said that something needs to be done for the ”cognitive disruption” of conspiracy theorists by posing as the anti-establishment media. Assange is saying that he is ”irritated and fed up” by people who talk about 9/11 conspiracies that he says ”have no basis.” Assange was used as distraction before such as when in Iceland many activists were pushing for a ”debt moratorium” and Wikileaks attempted to distract them to forget about those issues.

Webster Tarpley: Wikileaks came into being in 2007 and the first time it was mentioned was in a Washington Post op-ed by Cass Sunstein who said Wikileaks was a ”positive” organization. Wikileaks initially had involvement of Chinese Dissidents who where connected to George Soros, and also Morton Halperin who was also involved in the Pentagon papers in the early 1970s.

Webster Tarpley: Leftists are ”easy marks” for Assange, who is portrayed as being ”persecuted” and ”on the run” while at the same time being trumpeted by the international media consortium by such outlets as the New York Times and London Guardian. This is not the way people are treated if they are being suppressed by the establishment, but rather if they are wanted to be promoted, with this being an open-and-shut case.

Alex Jones: The information Jesse Ventura was going to expose about FEMA camps was permanently banned from being aired on Ventura’s television show, and Alex Jones is attacked almost every day by Soros financed publications.

Webster Tarpley: The information Assange is putting out is becoming more and more dubious and rotten, and more and more dictated by the CIA hit list, and aimed toward US banks rather than British banks because there is an agenda of shifting blame to American financial institutions rather than British ones.

Webster Tarpley: The ”left liberals” have learned nothing from the Pentagon Papers or Watergate and they are going into it again with Wikileaks. The main goal of Wikileaks is to create justification to shut down all sorts of web sites with legitimate suppressed information such as by Alex Jones or himself.

Alex Jones: An article speaks about an anti-Wikileaks bill being unveiled in Congress by the usual suspects Joe Lieberman who is always saying he wants to shut down the internet, Senator Jay Rockefeller who said we would be better off without an internet, and Cass Sunstein who wants to shut down free speech on the web. The bill states they they will put citizens into jail for a long time and give them a giant fine if they release classified information from the Government. Also Columbia University is being told by the State Department that it’s students are not to discuss Wikileaks or they will get into trouble. Government agencies are restricting employee access to Wikileaks, and they are saying that they will need to spy on government employees to make sure they are not reading it. It is all a perfect excuse for them to ram through the Cybersecurity Act right as the alternative media is surpassing the establishment media outlets who we now learn have secretly individually gotten hundreds of millions of dollars of bailout tax dollars, which makes it ”state run media.”

Webster Tarpley: Wikileaks is intended to furnish a pretext to implement a new monstrous piece of legislation that begins to put the screws on the internet, using the idea that since ”Assange is running wild, we’ve got to crack down on people across the board,” with the joke being that everything in Assange’s document dumps is precisely what you can already read in the newspapers, which also was the same story with the ”Pentagon Papers” in 1971. Nothing in the document dumps mentions anything about the 9/11 attacks, or the rouge B-52 in 2007 from which a nuclear cruise missile is still missing, or the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin in Israel, or anything that makes Bush or Obama look really bad. The victims are always foreign leaders. Most of the documents are very ”low level,” being classified as only ”confidential,” or ”secret.”

Webster Tarpley: The Establishment might eventually ”burn” Assange because part of the myth that the leftists need to believe is that he is being ”persecuted,” and he might be turned into a ”Lee Harvey Oswald,” who can be liquidated in order to build up sympathy for him. Since Assange is an MK-Ultra zombie type, he is not going to be a particularly good witness or defendant.

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