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Video Clips From the Documentary ”Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse”

 updated April 8, 2012

Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalype
Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalype

This article summarizes video clips from the Len Horowitz documentary video ”Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse,” discussing a variety of topics about agendas of little known groups such as the Illuminati that have had a controlling influence in society for thousands of years. Horowtiz decodes long-term agendas of such groups through studying their writings which date as far back as the Bible.

The video clips contained in this article present portions of this diverse documentary.

From Netflix: In this intriguing exposé, Dr. Len Horowitz sheds light on more than two millennia of spiritual and political bigotry by a cabal that has fomented wars, created starvation and produced plagues against an unwary populace. Horowitz connects ancient musical and arithmetic codes to creation, destruction and miracles, including DNA’s repair frequency. Is there a secret cadre at the root of much of the world’s despair and misery?

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Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse: Clip 1 - Decoding Long Term Agendas of the Illuminati
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This video excerpt from the Len Horowitz documentary "Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse" explains a variety of issues concerning organizations such as the Illuminati, which have had a controlling influence in society for many millennia. Historical writings which date as far back as the Bible are examined for clues of extremely long-term agendas and prophesies of such groups, and it is explained how those agendas have been realized in modern times. This documentary supports the information in Len Horowitz's book of the same name.

Following is a description of the information contained in this clip:

Explained is a number of famous historical individuals who have been the head of the Illuminati, including Leonardo Da Vinci, Robert Fludd, Issac Newton, and Victor Hugo. Historical symbolism associated with such groups is explained and modern implementations of such symbolism are shown.

Modern media has been extremely infiltrated by the influence of globalist groups under the influence of the Illuminati, and a graphical representation of the heirarchy of such globalist organizations is shown— with the more well-known Bilderberg group, Trilateral Commission, and Council on Foreign Relations being surprisingly low in that heirarchy.

Described is a writing associated with the Freemasons dating back a number of centuries known as the "Protocols of the Elders of Sion," which is explained as being widely portrayed as a hoax and an anti-Semitic text, and later in the clip examples from the writings are shown which suggest it actually being genuine ideas for the formation of a New World Order. Examples of potential modern implementations include strategies of using the media to distract the populace, intentionally placing incompetent politicians in power in order to make the populace weary of their authority and wish for global governance, inoculating the public with diseases, and mentioning the significance of people who may stand up against such strategies being so entangled in discord that their efforts will be relatively insignificant. [Note: For more information about this topic see the article: Infamous "Protocols of the Elders of Sion" document shown to have Masonic— not Jewish origins]

Various popular books are examined such as Michael Drosnin's "The Bible Code," and Richard Preston's "The Hot Zone," and it is explained that such works are most likely intentional disinformation for the purpose of distracting interest in such topics from more legitimate areas of similar study. [Note: April 8, 2012— In the book associated with this video it is explained that the "Bible code" which Michael Drosnin supposedly uncovers is actually a sham to create the appearance that certain establishment propaganda is mentioned in the Bible concerning issues such as Tomithy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing. Horowitz explains that Drosnin's "Bible code" can be used to find essentially any short "hidden message" in any lengthy enough text, with an example of many words being found "hidden" on a page from the novel "Moby Dick."]

Many high profile media figures involved in a variety of popular media outlets are shown to be members of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Explained is the Rockefeller Foundation being associated with the Freemasons for financing the eugenics movement in England and America, as well as preparations potentially being made for global genocide with the involvement of the United Nations. The investment of the Nazi war chest at the end of World War II went into creating 750 corporations associated with the New World Order at the direction of companies such as I.G. Farbin and wealthy individuals such as the Rockefellers, and recent world economic consolidation is rooted in long term strategies involving those same individuals and companies.

Tactics of fear are being used to spread disinformation about the potential of infectious disease when actually it is shown that such diseases are being intentionally created in government laboratories, and high profile individuals such as General Norman Shwartzkof give dishonest statements to the public concerning serious issues such as anthrax vaccinations being given to troops. Issues are also discussed such as Sadam Hussien being supplied with biological weapons from the United States.

The mainstream media is now suddenly reporting about the virtues of herbal medicine despite their previously having vilified alternative medicine for decades, because of the fact that the pharmaceutical industry has now bought up the major herbal outlets.

Explained is how patriotic Americans are often vilified as "anti-government zealots" for their standing up for the rights of others, such as the country's most decorated war hero Col Bo Gritz standing up against government activities associated with the Ruby Ridge incident in 1992, Terry and Janice Reid who exposed CIA involvement in drug trafficking and money laundering in Mena, AK, and a most highly decorated member of law enforcement Jack McLamb who speaks out against the activities of the New World Order.

Finally it is discussed how problems of the existence of large organizations of hate groups are often intentionally exaggerated by the media in order for political organizations who counter such groups to continue to justify their existence and receive support.

Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse: Clip 2 - The Use of Genocide as Population Control
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This video clip from the Len Horowitz documentary "Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse" discusses evidence of diseases such as AIDS being created in laboratories and intentionally unleashed on the public as methods of selective population control. Documents are shown which link globalist individuals and organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Freemasons, David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger to agendas of extreme population control by making use of genocide and sterilizing unknowing populations by the use of the pharmeceutical industry. This documentary supports the information in Len Horowitz's book of the same name.

Following is a description of information in the video clip:

The clip opens by speaking about links of diseases such as AIDS and Mad Cow Disease to the biological weapons industry, by showing a document which was released by the United States Government asking for appropriations to study how to create diseases which have similar characteristics to AIDS ten years before the first symptoms of AIDS had been discovered in New York City.

An article in a Council on Foreign Relations publication Foreign Affairs Journal is shown which was meant to draw the attention of the world's leading globalists for the urgent need to reduce the population of the world and the United States.

Then described is Henry Kissinger's National Security Memorandum 200 which was created in 1968, in which it was stated that that the third wold population needs to be reduced dramatically as a primary focus of national security. It is explained that soon after the Memorandum was created, CIA operatives were sent into central Africa to foment unrest in Zaire and Angola (where many diseases such as AIDS and Ebola are claimed to have originated) to create wars which continue even today.

A number of the world's leading depopulation funding agencies is shown, including the Merck Fund and the Rockefeller Foundation, both of which have been involved in highly unethical activities including knowingly distributing blood tainted with AIDS and other contaminations such as Hepatitis for a number of years.

A 1967 Document "Report from Iron Mountain on the Possibility and Desirability of Peace" is discussed, where various strategies for a New World Order are cited including "Non-lethal military warfare" involving tactics such as hurting and maiming the population for additional population control and also suggesting forms of human slavery. It is shown how the report is associated with the Freemasons. Mentioned is the fact that the biological weapons project MK-Naomi had agendas of developing bioweapons which could be spread with "complete predictability under operational conditions," and also mentioned is the fact that 70% of the cases of AIDS are black or hispanic individuals.

It is explained how Baylor University School of Medicine tested various extreme vaccines and viruses using prison inmates in Huntsville Prison in Texas during 1970, and symptoms similar to Gulf War Syndrome showed up in many of the prisoners. Links are then shown of the same vaccinations eventually being given to Gulf War soldiers.

Chemtrail spraying and possible links to periods of nationwide outbreaks of respiratory ailments are discussed, as well as toxic chemicals being sprayed from helicopters in many areas with the excuse of eliminating relatively non-existent diseases such as the West Nile Virus.

Explained are documents approved in 1996 by the United States Government reiterating earlier laws that allows unknowing civilian populations to be used for testing of chemical and biological weapons by the Department of Defense.

Additional excerpts from the "Report from Iron Mountain" are examined which praise the ability of war for its curtailing of populations, and suggest other ways of curtailing populations such as having agendas of controlling conception through contaminating water and food supplies. It is mentioned that up to 35% of Native American women and 25% of African American women living in urban America are sterile, many potentially caused by vaccines containing a female sterilizing agent HCG which has been given to at least 2.5 million women without their knowledge in the Philippines, South America, Mexico, and some in North America.

Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse: Clip 3 - Potential Mind Control Agendas Through Combinations of Technologies
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This video excerpt from the Len Horowitz Documentary ”Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse” explains surprising connections between groups such as the Illuminati and mind control experiments which make use of combinations of varying new technologies including biological discoveries. Potential connections between ionospheric facilities such as HAARP, implantable microchips, and Prion crystals which are already present in many people’s brains are discussed, showing how they would work together for mind control purposes. This documentary supports the information in Len Horowitz's book of the same name.

Following is a description of information in the video clip:

Horowitz starts by explaining his studies which show a likely thesis for the true origins of Mad Cow Disease (which is a TSE disease— ”Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy”) and it’s transmission to Humans. TSEs include Mad Cow Disease, Scrapie Sheep Disease, and Creutzfeld-Jacob Disease in Humans. Horowitz explains that the United States government is claiming that very few people are suffering from Creutzfeld-Jacob Disease, but according to a Yale study as many as 1/4 million people in the United States are actually suffering from Creutzfeld-Jacob Disease but are misdiagnosed as having Alzheimer’s disease— making up as many as 13% of Alzheimer’s patients. He explains that grains contaminated with a type of ”Prion Crystal” fungus are at the center of the most likely transmission, and says that claims of cows being infected with Mad Cow Disease through being fed remains of other animals is most likely incorrect. He explains that the University of Chicago affiliated Howard Hughes Medical Research Institute has found that Prion crystals are associated with yeast which largely grows in grains. Horowitz then explains that wild animals such as Elk and Mule deer that eat only grains have also become infected with Mad Cow Disease type sicknesses, as well as humans that are strict vegetarians and vegans who have not eaten meat for years.

Horowitz explains that many people of the world have unknowingly consumed fungal infected grains which contain Prion crystals that act as electromagnetic transmitters and receivers, and such crystals are shown to specifically lodge themselves and grow in brain tissue over time due to such tissue’s electromagnetic properties as being neurological functioning centers.

Horowitz then explains that a connection could exist between Prion crystals being increasingly present in people’s nervous systems, proposed implantable microchips, government programs such as HAARP, and characteristics of Prion crystals being able to change shape and behavior due to electromagnetic signals they receive from the environment. Horowitz explains that most people initially dismiss such connections as farfetched, however such claims are backed up by evidence from many official documents— including documents associated with official government mind control programs such as MK-Ultra and many others, and bioweapons contractors such at Litton Bionetics. Such projects are shown to have been officially classified as ”electromagnetic mind control projects.”

Horowitz explains how many farmers are starting to implant their livestock with biochips, and some humans are starting to be implanted with biochips such as prison inmates. Horowitz explains that the company started by the inventor Howard Hughes is the driving force behind the creation of implantable crystal microchips and their primary manufacturer, and a Howard Huges group was also the pioneering investigators behind protein Prion crystals which grow in grains.

Further explained is project EISCAT and Project HAARP— being installations which emit electromagnetic frequencies into the ionisphere of the Earth. He explains Russian studies which show spontaneous generation of cancers in previously healthy cells through the addition of certain types of crystals along with certain energy frequencies of sounds, and he then shows documents detailing such experiments which have been put out by a group called ”Cold Springs Harbor Laboratory” which was funded by the Rockefeller family and Alfred P. Sloan— the home of the Human Genome Project which Horowitz describes as the ”home of world genocide.”

Horowitz explains that after eugenics got a bad name after Adolph Hitler’s regime, its name was then changed to the ”Human Genome Project”— being a project identifying the gene sequences in the human body. He explains how specific genes are being discovered for particular aspects of individual races and ethnicities, and Horowitz explains how he finds it odd that a seemingly disproportionate amount of discoveries of gene sequences are being made for Black and Jewish people.

Horowitz explains the 1967 ”Report from Iron Mountain” documents published by the Freemason associated Dial Press, showing how the documents help to define many hidden issues about what is happening to this planet and civilization. Six specific recommendations had been made in the documents:

1. A giant ”open-ended space program” for the purpose of having a means for spending more and more money for the sake of maintaining economic strength during a post-military spending era.

2. Surveillance of the population from satellites in space.

3. Massive global environmental pollution and spreading false fears such as global warming for the purpose of creating a ”common threat” for dissolving sovereignty of nations and establishing a one-world government.

4. Establishing an ”extraterrestrial UFO alien menace”— another false fear for the purpose of creating a common threat.

5. ”A comprehensive social control program” as a ”modern sophisticated form of slavery.”

6. ”Direct eugenic management.”

Horowitz then explains how the Howard Hughes Company and General Motors Corporation (being associated with Rockefeller partner Alfred P. Sloan) has in 1999 launched a ”.. bigger and more robust generation of satellites dubbed the ‘702’ line, which feature nearly twice the signal capacity of current models.. ,” explaining that the projects also have aspects associated with their names and numerology which is taken very seriously by the global elite (described previously in the documentary.)

Horowitz finishes the segment by reiterating potential interrelated connections between the technologies of space satellites, project HAARP and EISCAP, biochips proposed to be injected into people’s skin, and Prion crystals already present in many people’s nervous systems— and that the Howard Hughes company, the Sloan family, the Rockefeller family, and the Illuminati are potentially attempting to exploit those connections in order to satisfy long term agendas.

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