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A Summary of the Documentary Video ”Loose Change Final Cut”

by Edward Ulrich
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September 9, 2011

Geroge Bush when asked about issues with his being questioned by the 9/11 Commission.
Geroge Bush when asked about issues with his being questioned by the 9/11 Commission.

This article is a summary of the film "Loose Change Final Cut," which is a popular documentary that investigates questions about the 9/11 attacks being planned and conducted by elements within the United States government. This film is a good introduction to the topic of government involvement in the 9/11 attacks, and it covers a wide range of issues.

This film by Dylan Avery, Jason Bermas, and Corey Rowe has undergone numerous revisions over the years as more information became available, and this version stands up well to intense scrutiny. It contains previously unseen footage, commentary, interviews, and eyewitness testimony.

This article contains summarized written descriptions of the points made in the movie.

Loose Change Final Cut — Full Video

(Note the video can be opened in its own window for the following descriptive points to be read while watching..)

Issues with the Hijackers

This section explains issues with the hijackers, including how some of the evidence of their involvement was fabricated, the discovery of a money trail leading to the CIA, the fact that many of the hijackers were trained at U.S. military bases and not devout Muslims, and how investigations into some of the hijackers were blocked by the FBI before the 9/11 attacks.

— Often flimsy and blatantly fabricated evidence was initially reported linking many of the hijackers to the 9/11 attacks, such as a paper passport found on the ground outside the World Trade Center which supposedly made it out of the plane crash unscathed, and some of the hijackers were shown to be alive in the following years.

— General Mahmood Ahmed , the director of the Pakistani ISI, was shown to have wired $100,000 to the hijacker Mohammad Atta while at the same time having close relationships with the highest ranking individuals in the US CIA intelligence community, including it's past and present directors at the time Porter Goss and George Tenet.

— Many of the hijackers were trained at US Air Force bases around the United States. Also it was claimed that the hijackers were fundamentalist Muslims, yet before the attacks a number of them would frequently drink alcohol and visit strip clubs and prostitutes.

— Some of the hijackers were identified as terrorist suspects by Army Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer in a program called "Abel Danger" prior to the attacks, but meetings he scheduled with the FBI that could have resulted in the hijackers being apprehended were canceled. Charts existed which had photographs of certain hijackers as suspects but they were concealed by agencies of the government after the attacks and their existence was denied in the 9/11 Commission Report.

War Games Before and During the Attacks

This section describes the numerous exercises and war games which took part before and during the 9/11 attacks which hindered the United State's ability to stop the attacks as well as making sure that rescue personnel were immediately prepared for the aftermath.

— War games and exercises with scenarios of hijacked planes being flown into buildings including the World Trade Center and Pentagon were conducted by NORAD in the years before the attacks. Another drill called "Amalgam Virgo" simulated a plane being flown into the White House, with the cover of the drill proposal having a picture of Osama Bin Laden.

— Numerous war games were conducted during the 9/11 attacks which hindered the United State's ability to stop to the hijacked airliners. Various concurrent exercises simulated planes being hijacked in the Northeastern United States, sent F-16's away from Washington D.C. to North Carolina, and moved fighter jets to Canada and Alaska. Also, the National Reconnaissance Office in Virginia began a drill at 8:45 conducted by a team from the CIA in which a plane crashes into their building. Other war games were also being conducted that have yet to be fully disclosed.

— Employees in the Office of Emergency Management on the 23rd floor of the Word Trade Center Building 7 were preparing for a large biological attack drill called "Operation Tripod," scheduled for September 12.

The Attack on the Pentagon

This section describes issues with the attack on the Pentagon, including how the FBI confiscated and concealed video footage of the attack, how the hijacker who flew the plane performed extraordinary feats as a pilot despite being described by a past flight instructor as being incompetent, issues with passengers in the planes, how the plane crashed into the only part of the Pentagon that was mostly empty at the time and reinforced against such an attack, issues with the attack enabling wide-scale fraud due to financial records that were destroyed in the building, and issues with Dick Cheney knowing the plane was heading toward Washington D.C. but not evacuating the Pentagon or ordering the plane to be shot down.

— The FBI confiscated every known video of the attack on the Pentagon within 24 hours, and Pentagon officials initially denied that any of their cameras captured the attack. Various footage was eventually released years later due to lawsuits, footage was only released that contained no clear images of what actually happened.

— The hijacker Hani Hanjor who supposedly flew the plane that struck the Pentagon was described by one of his previous flight instructors as an incompetent student and pilot who was a "waste of resources" who could barely pilot a Cessna.

— If Hani Hanjor wanted to inflict maximum damage on the Pentagon, he only needed to continue his trajectory and nose down into the Pentagon, but instead he completed a complicated 330 degree turn while dropping 7,000 feet which exposed himself to being intercepted for an additional three minutes. Experienced pilots describe his maneuver as impossible for anyone other than the most experienced airline pilots to accomplish.

— All four planes involved in 9/11 were at only at about 30% captivity. Many on board were employees of Boeing, Raytheon, the Department of Defense, Lockeed Martin, American Airlines, the Navy, the Army, and other governmental agencies. A pilot of the plane that crashed into the Pentagon named Charles Burlingame was a retired top gun fighter pilot who developed antiterrorism strategies for the Pentagon, and his plane crashed into the very section of the building where he used to work. The hijackers only had moments to subdue to pilots and take control of the plane, but they managed to do this with no mayday, hijack code, or sign of a struggle.

— The plane that crashed into the Pentagon knocked out light poles on its approach and managed to hit the only portion of the building which was reinforced against terrorist attack. The renovations to finish this reinforcement was only days away from completion and thus the area which would have housed 5000 was mostly empty. Had the plane struck anywhere else, the casualties would have been far greater than only 125.

— The Pentagon initially sustained a hole of a diameter of only 20 feet with little or no wreckage of the plane to be found, which leads some to believe that something else must have hit the building entirely. Certain parts of the 747 which are considered virtually indestructible have not been found.

— Numerous interviews of eyewitnesses are shown describing a plane crash into the building, but their accounts differ. Some say the plane they witnessed was smaller than a full size airliner and unmarked, others say they saw the American Airlines logo, others described it as having black wings.

— The section of the Pentagon that was hit was the headquarters of Naval Operations, Naval Intelligence, and the Navy Command Center. Army personnel were also killed. A number of accountants and budget analysts were also present at the time and killed in the attack, and important budget information was also destroyed. Footage of Donald Rumsfeld is shown giving an announcement the day before stating that the military "cannot track" 2.3 trillion dollars in transactions.

— The 9/11 Commission Report claims that the military was unprepared for the transformation of aircraft into weapons, but it is shown that many exercises actually simulated that scenario, such as MASCAL on October 2000.

— Dick Cheney is shown to have known that a hijacked plane was heading toward Washington since it was 50 miles out, yet he did not order the evacuation of the Pentagon which would have saved the lives of the 125 who died. Transportation Secretary Norman Minetta described to the 9/11 Commission that he was in the bunker with Dick Cheney witnessing Cheney's communication with a man who was taking orders from him concerning the incoming plane. Minetta is shown testifying to the Commission: "And when it got down to, 'The plane is ten miles out, do the orders still stand?' And the Vice President turned and whipped his head around and said, 'Of course the orders still stand! Have you heard anything to the contrary?'" Mineta's testimony was completely unreported by the 9/11 Commission, and it was also censored from the online archives of the Commission hearings. The 9/11 Commission later concluded that Vice President Cheney did not reach the bunker until later.

The Attack on the Twin Towers

This section describes issues with the towers of the World Trade Center, including the fact that they collapsed at freefall speed, how the towers were designed to withstand impacts from large airliners, how many heard explosions as the towers fell, how molten metal poured out of the towers before the collapse and remained hot under the wreckage for months later, issues with the steel beams from the World Trade Center being quickly shipped overseas under guard to be melted down, how a majority of the 40,000 ground zero workers are developing health problems, and how over a thousand of the victims of the attack were buried in the Fresh Kills landfill along with the wreckage before being properly identified.

— At 9:59 A.M., the South Tower of the World Trade Center completely collapsed in about 10 seconds after burning for only 56 minutes. 29 minutes later the North Tower also collapsed in the same amount of time. Later at 5:20 in the evening the World Trade Center Building 7 collapsed in under seven seconds, with the official explanation being that falling debris from the north tower created a series of fires inside the building, despite the fact that no such steel frame building have ever collapsed only from the effects of fire.

— The towers were designed to withstand multiple impacts from a Boeing 707, which was the largest aircraft at that time. An analysis released in 1964 claims that the buildings were investigated and found to be safe in a collision with a 707 traveling at 600 mph. The Boeing 747s that struck the North and South towers were traveling at 440 and 540 miles per hour. Later in the segment Mark Loizeneaux who is the President of the company Controlled Demolition elaborates on the buildings being designed to withstand multiple airliner impacts.

— A montage of newscasts is shown of the buildings burning and collapsing, with live clips showing bombs potentially being in the base of the World Trade Center as well as witnesses recounting hearing secondary explosions and what sounded like a series of firecrackers exploding when the buildings fell.

— The buildings fell at freefall speed and into their own footprint in a matter entirely similar to a controlled demolition, and much molten metal was found burning at the bottom of the wreckages of the buildings which was not able to be entirely extinguished until December 13. A press conference with Gordon Ross of the NIST was shown with him being asked about the molten metal, and he belligerently attempted to deny its existence despite it being common knowledge amongst the rescuers who have all seen it, and it being a subject included in many mainstream documentaries, as well as it even showing up on NASA satellite thermal images. Molten metal was also observed pouring out of the South tower before it's collapse.

— The steel from the World Trade Center wreckages was quickly shipped overseas while closely guarded and melted down, eliminating any possibility of independent investigations.

— The EPA fraudulently issued reassuring reports about the air quality surrounding Ground Zero shortly after the attacks at the direction of the White House. By 2006, 70% of the 40,000 Ground Zero workers had developed respiratory problems, with hundreds developing cancer and over 80 dying so far.

— The remains of over 1148 of the 9/11 victims were buried at the Fresh Kills landfill along with 500,000 tons of ash and amongts general garbage before being able to be properly identified.

The Plane Crash at Shanksville, PA

This section describes issues with United Airlines Flight 93 which crashed into a field in Shanksville, PA, including how a surprisingly small amount of debris was found with some debris being eight miles away from the main crash site, the fact that the last three minutes of the cockpit voice recorder was erased, the fact that officials in the Army and the Air Force had given interviews explaining how they ordered the plane to be shot down, and other evidence is presented showing that the plane was shot down contrary to official reports of the hijackers being overtaken by passengers.

— United Airlines Flight 93 crashed into a field in Shanksville, PA at 10:03 a.m. Officially the story is that passengers on board the plane overthrew the hijackers and sacrificed themselves to prevent further casualties, and the 9/11 Commission concluded that hijacker Ziad Jarrah crashed the plane anticipating a cockpit overthrow.

— Most of the plane crashed into a large smoldering crater in a field with only surprisingly very tiny bits of debris, while some engine parts were found up to eight miles away from the main wreckage. Various television interviews with rescuers on the crash scene are shown with them describing the surprising lack of debris, with some saying no human remains were found whatsoever.

— In 2006 during the trail of Zacarias Moussaoui, the FBI provided evidence that they claimed made it through plane crash in near-pristine condition, including a red bandana, a Kingdom of Saudi Arabia driver's license, John Talignani's driver's license, and flight attendant CeeCee Lyle's personal effects including her drivers license, and Marriott Hotel card.

— The FBI initially denied family member's requests to listen to the cockpit voice recorder, and they eventually gave in on April 18th, 2002, with the stipulation that the victim's relatives wouldn't talk about it's contents. For some reason the last three minutes of the recording were unaccounted for with no explanation being given. The contents of the voice recorder has yet to be released to the public by the FBI.

— An interview with the mayor of Indian Lake Barry Lichty is shown, where he describes what he experienced: "We heard the explosion, and actually our power had gone off, then we felt a tremor. We had just gotten up and the next thing we know it sounded like a missile came across our house— they were going that fast. It was flying from that direction, I have no idea what it was. ... It [certainly] wasn't [Flight 93]."

— The 9/11 Commission concluded that the military was not informed of Flight 93 until 10:07— minutes after it crashed, but military officials were shown in a mainstream ABC News program telling a different story only a year after the attacks. Brig General W Montague Winfield of the U.S. army is shown stating: "We received the report from the FAA that Flight 93 had turned off it's transponder, had turned and was now heading towards Washington DC. The decision was made to try to go intercept Flight 93." In the same news program, Col. Bob Marr who was in command of the Northeast Air Defense Sector in Rome, NY states, "We could do something about it now. .. The words I remember as clear as day was 'we will take lives in the air to preserve lives on the ground.'" It is then explained that Marr ordered his air controllers to intercept Flight 93: "United Airlines Flight 93 will not be allowed to reach Washington D.C." Winfield later mentions, "It was about, you know, 10:03 that the fighter reported that Flight 93 had crashed. Eventually, of course, we never fired on any aircraft."

Dylan Avery, the maker of Loose Change Final Cut states: "Was flight 93 downed by hijackers in an open field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, or is the truth being withheld?"— as simulated computer graphics footage is shown of what most likely had occurred, which is being shot down by a missile.

The Collapse of World Trade Center Building 7

This section describes issues associated with the collapse of the smaller World Trade Center Building 7 later in the evening after the collapse of the large towers. Issues explained include how the building's collapse had all the characteristics of being a controlled demolition, how many government agencies were located in the building, how the building collapsed after having only fires inside it with no historical precedent for such a collapse happening under those circumstances, how it was reported by CNN and the BBC that the building had collapsed over an hour before it did so, how the steel beams from the building were shipped overseas to be melted down with none being saved as evidence, how other buildings in the area which sustained much more serious damage did not collapse, and how the 9/11 Commission refused to address the issue of Building 7 whatsoever.

— The World Trade Center Building 7 was an additional building which collapsed later in the evening on 9/11, with it having all of the characteristics of being a controlled demolition. It's collapse was officially attributed to various fires burning in the building due to the collapse of the large towers earlier in the day.

— WTC Building 7 was a 47 story office building which housed offices for the Department of Defense, Securities and Exchange Commission, the Internal Revenue Service, as well as containing the biggest CIA station outside of Washington, the Secret Service's biggest field office, and it also contained New York City's Office of Emergency Management which was a bulletproof and bomb resistant floor with it's own air supply and power generators.

— Major fires broke out in Building 7 on the east face between floors 11 and 12, on the north face floors 7 and 12, on the west face floors 29 and 30, and smoke obscured the entire south face of the building.

— By 3 PM, FDNY Chief Daniel Nigro of the FDNY had set up a collapse zone around the building, and after 4 PM, some news outlets including CNN and the BBC started reporting that the building had collapsed over an hour before it had actually had done so.

— At 5:20 PM, Building 7 collapsed in 6.2 seconds into it's own footprint at nearly freefall speed, barely damaging surrounding structures and creating a pyroclastic cloud. Initially it was assumed that a diesel tank in the basement may have been responsible for the collapse, despite the fact that no steel frame building has ever collapsed due only to fire.

— FEMA's 2002 report stated that "the specifics of the fires in WTC7 and how they caused the building to collapse are unknown at the time." [Editor's note— The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) issued a report claiming that a "new phenomenon" occurred for the first time ever with the collapse of WTC 7. See This Link.]

— The possibility of a new investigation of the collapse has been thwarted because all of the structural steel from the building has been recycled, with none of the steel being set aside for an investigation.

— Other buildings surrounding the Twin Towers sustained serious damage but did not collapse. Building 3, a 22 story building directly below the twin towers was split in half by the South Tower's collapse but much of it remained standing. The nine story Building 4 was almost completely destroyed but the remaining structure did not collapse. The nine story Building 5 suffered from severe fires and structural damage but did not collapse. The eight story Building 6 which was between the towers suffered a giant gouge on it's roof and severe fires but it did not collapse. Also the Deutsche Bank Building and the Millennium Hotel sustained damage without collapse.

— Numerous eyewitnesses in Building 7 reported serious explosions which trapped them on the eighth floor before the fire department was able to rescue them, and these reports were mentioned in the NIST interim report on Building 7 suggesting the explosion was the collapse of the North Tower. However, the glass on the ground floor of the building was not even blown out. [Editor's note— The issue of the damage that WTC7 received from the falling towers is an important one, because in the initial years of the debate about Building 7, documentary evidence of the damage that the building received from the falling towers was not known to exist, and eyewitnesses reported widely varying accounts of the damage with some claiming the entire side of the building being "scooped out," which was used as an argument against controlled demolition. However, video footage did then surface of firefighters in the lobby of WTC7 after the collapse of the towers and it showed that the windows on the ground floor were not even blown out, as shown here in this documentary.]

Bob Dacy, a researcher and TV host asked New Jersey Governor Thomas Kean, the chairman of the 9/11 Commission, about the collapse of WTC7 and why it was not mentioned in the report:

Dacy: "Governor Kean, may I ask another question, please? At 5:20 PM on September 11, World Trade Center building number 7, a 47 story modern frame steel skyscraper that no plane hit, collapsed into a neat little pile onto itself exhibiting all the characteristics of controlled demolition. FEMA in their investigation didn't say that. They said fire knocked it down, but they couldn't figure out how. Video evidence shows what appears to be explosive squibs going up the side of the building from .. bottom to top as the building collapses. There was molten metal found in the basement at temperatures exceeding anything a normal fire could cause. With all the confusion about what happened to Building 7, why is there not a word about the collapse of that building in the 9/11 Commission Report?"

Kean: "We didn't see any evidence of the kind of thing you are talking about. We thought that [Building 7's collapse] was one little part of the tragedy of 9/11. There was no loss of life in that building, and it did not warrant a report."

Dacy: "Not a part of the Report. Thanks."

— Daniel Jowenko, a controlled demolition expert of 27 years, the owner of Jowenko Explosives Demolite BV, is shown in an interview watching footage of the WTC7 collapse and explaining how the bottom floors cave in first. "It's a hired job, done by a team of experts," he says. And when told it occurred on 9/11, he says "Then they worked hard."

Issues With the 9/11 Commission Report

This section explains many questionable issues with the 9/11 Commission Report, including how it's formation was initially opposed by the Bush Administration, how Henry Kissinger was initially selected as its Chairman, how members of the Commission had conflicts of interest, how the Commission was inadequately funded, how President Bush and Dick Cheney only gave testimony together behind closed doors and not under Oath, and how the Commission only gave "softball" questions to the individuals under investigation.

— After 9/11, pressure mounted for an investigation into the attacks, and the Bush Administration was able to oppose any investigation until November of 2002, when Congress created the 9/11 Commission in which George Bush initially appointed Henry Kissinger as the chairman. Kissinger was soon pressured to resign due to many conflicts of interest such as business associates potentially connected to the attacks. Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton are then named as Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the 9/11 Commission to replace Kissinger.

— A list of members of the 9/11 Commission is shown, with credentials for each showing all of them having various conflicts of interests such as associations with controlling globalist organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations and elements of the military industrial complex.

— It took 411 days for the 9/11 investigation to begin, as opposed to 7 days for the Challenger disaster, 7 days for the Kennedy Assassination, and 9 days for the Pearl Harbor attacks. The 9/11 Commission's starting budget was only $3 million, as opposed to $40 million for the Clinton impeachment hearings, $50 million for the Columbia disaster, and $75 million for the Challenger disaster.

— After the first hearing of the 9/11 Commission which was held behind closed doors in Washington D.C. on January 27, 2003, Vice Chairman Lee Hamilton claims, "We are not interested in trying to 'assess blame.' We do not consider that part of the Commission's responsibility."

— On March 26, 2003, the Bush Administration denies the Commission's request for an additional $11 million in funding. Three days later, the Commission is offered $9 million, and they accept.

— In April 2004, President Bush agreed to testify in front of the 9/11 Commission, but only if it occurs behind closed doors and only if Vice President Dick Cheney joins in. They were not placed under oath, their testimony was not recorded, and the Commission's notes were subject to White House censorship.

— Footage of Mayor Rudolph Guliani testifying in front the Commisson is shown where the audience made up of 9/11 victim family members in attendance erupts in shouts and loud complaints at what he is saying, demanding that he answers more relevant questions about issues such as his not warning the firefighters to evacuate the second building even though he was officially told that it was going to collapse.

— The 9/11 Commission released it's final report on July 22, 2004, and closed it's doors on August 21. In August 2006, the 9/11 Report "comic book" was released, which was meant to supposedly tell people all that they need to know.


This section summarizes information in the documentary, mentioning how we are being lied to by the government for them to justify going to war and taking rights and liberties away from citizens.

— We have been, and continue to be lied to about the events of September 11, and elements within the United States Government and the mainstream media continue to cover up the truth. These are the same people who lied about the existence of weapons of mass destruction, which has led to the deaths hundreds of thousands innocent people overseas

— The entire foreign and domestic policy of the United States has been based on the events of September 11, enabling the passage of both the Patriot Act I and II, establishing the Department of Homeland Security, facilitating the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, used to pass the Military Commissions Act which officially ended "Habeas Corpus" that guarantees people the right to a fair trial, and it was also used as an excuse to ramp up domestic surveillance.

— The Administration of George Bush created one of the largest budget deficit increases in history.

— The Creator of Loose Change Final Cut Dylan Avery States, "The government designed by the people, for the people has turned its backs on us. Or have we turned our backs on it? They spy on us, they torture and imprison innocent civilians. Ask yourself, what's happening? Where are we headed? And would we be here today without 9/11?"

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