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Popular ”Zeitgeist” Conspiracy Documentaries are New World Order Disinformation

 updated March 1, 2011

The popular documentary films ”Zeitgeist” and ”Zetgeist Addedum” mix legitimate suppressed political information with disinformation meant to create support for secretive long term objectives of the global elite, including the destruction of institutions such as religion, nations, and monetary systems for the establishment of a deceptively utopian society known as the ”New World Order.”

This article contains a video by Elliot Nesch which shows the inaccuracy of Zeitgeist’s claims that Christianity is merely a ”rehashed interpretation of many previously sun worshiping religions,” as well as an article explaining how Zeitgeist documentaries are deceptively attempting to create support for the establishment of a ”New World Order” type of society.

Refutations of False Claims Regarding Christianity in ”Zeitgeist” Documentaries
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This video entitled ”Zeitgeist Refuted Final Cut” created by Elliot Nesch accurately refutes the points made in the popular ”Zeitgeist” documentaries which attempt to claim that Christianity is actually only a rehashed interpretation of many previous sun worshiping religions.

Nesch explains that the currently celebrated date of Christmas corresponding with the Winter solstice is never mentioned in the Bible and had actually been chosen about 300 years after the origins of Chirstianity by the Roman Catholic Church to coincide with Roman sun god observances of solar activity, and in fact evidence in the Bible suggests that Christ was actually born in the late spring or the early Autum rather than in the winter. Once this point is established, Nesch goes through the Zeitgeist segments point by point showing that most of the information presented has either been extremely distorted or in most cases is entirely false in the Zeitgeist filmmaker's attempt to discredit Christianity.

Also explained is how many of the sources that the Zeitgeist filmmakers cite in their work are Freemasons and members of various occult organizations who share a similar belief system whose goal is the elimination of Christianity and the foundation of a ”New World Order.”

The website for this video may be found at, and the original video segment which has been debunked may be found at this link.

A Summary and Criticism of the Documentary Film ”Zeitgeist Addedum”

Jacque Fresco describes his vision of the "Venus Project" which deceptively shares many characteristics of the "New World Order."
Jacque Fresco describes his vision of the "Venus Project" which deceptively shares many characteristics of the "New World Order."

Editor’s Note— March 1, 2011: Video clips have been added to each of the sections of this article.

The documentary film ”Zeitgeist Addedum” mixes legitimate information with disinformation meant to disguise the most significant causes of global problems, and it also suggests as a solution to global problems the eradification of the world’s nations, governments, and monetary systems for the establishment of a global society which fits a deceptively utopian vision of essentially a ”New World Order.”

This article summarizes and criticizes major points of the documentary which is presented in this article in three parts.

While the documentary itself is flawed, it serves as a useful foundation for discussion as it illustrates common techniques used for propagating disinformation, and rebuttals in this article to points made in the documentary serve as an effective primer on globalism and the corrupt agendas of the global elite. It is recommend to visit the links supplied in the body of this article as they contain key summarized information.

The documentary identifies essentially ”American based corporatism and greed” and methods of money creation as the biggest sources of the world’s problems while neglecting to mention the little known corrupt long term agendas of the controlling global elite, and the documentary then suprisingly proceeds to deceptively attempt to create support for many of those actual agendas of the elite.

A significant theme of the first half of the documentary is its attempt to deceptively warn that globalism is on the path of spreading ”dangerous Corporate Americanism” to the rest of the world and implying that the roots of globalism are specifically American. Such overly simplistic explanations are intended to subconciously create an image in the minds of American viewers that even though globalism is being criticized, somehow their country is in the process of being ”empowered”, or that hopefully at least their comfort level will eventually be spread and shared with people in other parts of the world. Creating this innaccurate perception of globalism is a common tactic which is employed by many establishment controlled information sources.

The truth about globalism that this documentary conceals is that it originates from a centuries old plan of a few powerful establishment banking families to incrementally seize power by solidifying and centralizing their control over the world’s populace for their own selfish interests, via their private control of the world's central banks which create money and government credit. They have an agenda of incrementally turning the people of the world into their personal ”serfs and slaves” by tightening their covert control over the world’s goverments, media, and money supply while at the same time employing genocidal population control agendas, with an eventual goal of transforming the world into a tyrannical global goverment which is completely under their private control in a configuation that is often described as a ”post-industrial feudal system.” Many parallels exist between such a totalitarian system and the deceptively ”utopian” vision which is suggested in this documentary.

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updated March 1, 2011

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