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”Aerosol Crimes” Excerpt: Electromagnetic Aspects of Chemtrail Spraying
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This video clip from Clifford Carnicom’s documentary film ”Aerosol Crimes” explains the electromagnetic aspects of chemtrails which are being sprayed into the atmosphere by jet aircraft, and it is also explained how the chemtrails are meant to interact with HAARP type ionosphere altering installations.

Following is a description of the information in the clip:

Moisture, Heat, and also electromagnetic properties of the atmosphere have been altered with the sectretive introduction of chemtrail aerosols around the world by jet aircraft. An ”ion” is a charged electrical particle, and massive amounts of easily ionized particles are a part of the grand geophysical picture with some elements being able to be charged with energy from ultraviolet and sometimes even visible light. Barium— which is often a component of chemtrails being sprayed— is such an element.

The implications of being able to modify the atmosphere electrically and magnetically are enormous, and a variety of methods are used to transfer, manipulate, control, and propagate energy in that medium.

As an example how how a small change can produce a major effect, a statement from a Lancaster University study explains: ”Although less than 1% of the upper atmosphere becomes ionized, the charged particles make the gas electrically conducting, which completely changes its characteristics. The ionosphere can carry electrical currents, as well as reflect, deflect, and scatter radio waves.”

A small change in the electrical properties of the upper ( and now lower ) atmosphere completely alters the way in which that shell around the Earth can be used.

An example of the topic of plasma physics would be a neon tube being filled with an ionized gas which allows energy to be easily sent through that tube to create light in that case. A plasma is an electrically conductive gas, which means that there is a source of ions and electrons within that gas, and these electrons can be used to carry current. We can see that it takes very little change to create a large change in electrical properties of such a tube, and the effectiveness of energy transfer and accumulation is governed mostly by the number of electrons that can be introduced into it, described as electron density, which is an important aspect of the likely goals of the chemtrail aerosol spraying operations.

”Multiple measurements of atmospheric conductivity levels, extremely low frequency and very low frequency radiation, as well as magnetic variation support the claims made that the basic electrical properties of our atmosphere have been changed. These two physical properties alone that have been mentioned, that of thermodynamic and electrodynamic change, have the prospect of changing our world so much that even the most conservative of environmentally aware individuals should be aware of the prospect for disturbance and damage. Changes in heat and energy are at the foundation of the life of this planet and all those who dwell upon it.”

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