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Journalist Benjamin Fulford Reveals Potential Use of Earthquake Weapons
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[Update: September 9, 2011— An article by Dr. Len Horowitz explains how Benjamin Fulford is an ”agent provocateur” operating on behalf of the global elite to disseminate disinformation to the activist community and to cause harm to legitimate activists such as Horowitz and others.]

Benjamin Fulford is a journalist of Canadian decent who was the Asia-Pacific bureau chief for Forbes Magazine from 1998 to 2005. His father was a Canadian ambassador and he is the great grandson of George Taylor Fulford who was at one time the majority owner of General Electric. After being a corporate journalist for 20 years, he has awakened to deeper realities of corruption and is now an independent journalist. He is now a Japanese citizen, and he claims that he is protected by a Chinese secret society with 6 million members which includes intellectuals, gangsters, and even professional assassins. He is also known for a sit down video interview he conducted with David Rockefeller in 2007.

Following is a description of information in the video:

In this video Journalist Benjamin Fulford explains that he had learned of a threat to cause an earthquake in Japan which then came to fruition in 2007, and he also discusses technologies used to cause earthquakes, as well as motives for doing so.

In 2007 Fulford interviewed Japanese Finance Minister Heizo Takanaka, asking why he handed control of the Japanese financial system over to a group of American and European Oligarchs, and Takanaka told him that it was because Japan had been threatened by an earthquake weapon. Fulford explains that he did not believe it at the time, but he was then told by the Japanese security police that Niigata city was going to be hit by an earthquake because of what Fulford had said on the Jeff Rense program and elsewhere about the information Takanaka told him. Fulford explains that two days after being told this, a nuclear reactor in Niigata city was the exact epicenter of two 6.8 earthquakes on July 16, 2007.

Fulford explains that he then looked into earthquake generating technology and found out about the HAARP program which shoots a billion watt microwave energy beam into the ionosphere of the Earth which can then rebound back to the ground. He says if the energy is at the right frequency it can cause earthquakes, similar to opera singers being able to break a wine glass with their voice, and the same installation can also heat up parts of the ocean allowing it to make tropical storms much bigger. He explains that HAARP is capable of creating the deadly cyclone that struck Myanmar in 2008 [ten days after the Chinese earthquake], the tsunami that struck Indonesia in 2004, and the earthquake that struck China in 2008.

A member of the Inagawa crime family told Fulford that their biggest boss is George Bush Sr., meaning that they work for the Illuminati ”Skull and Bones,” and they invited him to a ”UFO gathering” where they showed him a video of a colored blob in the sky which Fulford thinks was actually a ball of heat generated by the HAARP facility. Fulford claims that he predicted after the Chinese earthquake of 2008 that footage of colored lights in the sky would surface on the internet, and then they later did. Also he explains that a Taiwanese satellite detected a 50% drop in the ionosphere over the area of the earthquake when it struck. [Also see a BBC article talking about ionosheric disturbances detected accompanying major earthquakes.]

Fulford thinks the accumulation of evidence that earthquakes are being intentionally created is so strong that he wishes that people in the U.S. Air Force would ”bomb the generators” of the HAARP type facilities to stop them from killing more people. [Note— News of Interest.TV does not endorse any form of violence but rather effective communication to push for legislative change.]

Fulford explains that the Indonesian Tsunami seems to be ”politically timed,” because the United States previously had asked the Indonesian Government to open the Strait of Malacca and to join in the sham fight against terrorism— but Indonesia had refused, and soon after doing so the Tsunami happened and they then cooperated. Myanmar was about to have an election and then the Tsunami happened. Also the U.S., British, and French Navies were suspiciously prepared to be immediately deployed to the region.

Fulford says that the United States has been ”taken over by madmen” and is using threats of causing earthquakes to be the ”bully of the world” due to the US becoming increasingly isolated.

[Note— In interviews Fulford has revealed that he is aware of who the Illuminati global elite are, and the fact that those same people ultimately control the major superpowers of the world while those superpowers pretend disputes, but curiously in this video he accuses only the US of wrongdoing while not acknowledging that other countries should share in the blame. The Illuminati expert Henry Makow had written an article explaining that he ”applauds Fulford’s courage” but points out that much of Fulford's information about the Illuminati is incorrect, saying it is possible that he may be sincere but is being used to ”confuse and/or create divisions.”]

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