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Holes in Heaven: Clip— Magnetic Fields Associated with HAARP
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This clip from the documentary ”Holes in Heaven” discusses how HAARP technology relies on interacting with the Earth’s magnetosphere layer that naturally protects the Earth from solar radiation, and potential risks associated with doing so.

Following is a written desciption of the information in this clip:

A ”solar wind” of radiation is constantly blowing to the Earth, and since the Earth acts as a gigantic magnet, its magnetic field called the ”magnetosphere” protects us from the radiation. HAARP’s original patents were designed to distort or alter the magnetosphere

Biophysicist Dr. Beverly Rubik explains that both the Earth and Humans each have their own magnetic fields, and humans especially generate magnetic fields in their hearts and brains, with every cell in our bodies containing a magnetic substance called ”magnetite” which responds sensitively to magnetic fields in our environment. She says if HAARP is altering the magnetosphere of the Earth, then surely it will have an effect on our health and physiology.

The documentary explains that HAARP’s combined antennas can generate a focused billion watt high frequency radio beam which penetrates the lower ionosphere and interacts with the currents of the auroral electrojet. Also explained is that during this modification, this pulsing beam stimulates the ionosphere creating ELF waves which can move great distances through the lower atmosphere and penetrate into the Earth to find things such as missile silos, underground tunnels, and communicate with hidden submarines.

Jeane Manning, Co-Author of ”Angels Don’t Play This HAARP” explains that they intend to make the ”electrojet”— which is a river of electricity high above us— dip down closer to the Earth so it can be tapped as a huge electrical power generating station, which is ”insanity” because they don’t know all of the effects of what they are doing while dealing with the planet’s electrical system.

The documentary explains that the ”electrojet” effects global weather— sometimes during a magnetic storm for instance— it touches the Earth and can knock out telephone cables and power grids.

Dr. Nick Begich, Co-Author of ”Angels Don’t Play This HAARP” explains that the radio frequency is focused from the antenna array, and the larger the antenna array, the higher they can focus the energy. He says once they get the energy into the ionosphere, they can create a secondary frequency causing the atmosphere to vibrate sending that signal back down to the Earth, allowing them to communicate a very high data rate to submarines, and also allowing the possibility of Earth penetrating tomography which allows them to look into the Earth several kilometers deep.

Plasma physicist Bernard Eastlund explains that now that are able to create images from the Earth penetrating tomography, which they previously were not able to do.

Rich Garcia, Director of Public Relations for HAARP explains that Earth penetrating tomography can be used to look for resources that are just below the surface of the earth such as oil, gas, and different types of ore.

Space Physics Advisor for HAARP Dr. Joseph Kan says that the low frequency signals can penetrate deeper into the Earth or the water than the high frequency signals.

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