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Links of Global Warming to Extreme Weather - from ‘Global Warming or Global Governance?'
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This video clip shows proof that extreme weather activity such as tornadoes and hurricanes are not made stronger by the warming of the Earth’s climate, and in fact such storms are decreased in severity due to such warming.

Following is a description of the information from this clip:

We frequently hear that the incidence and severity of extreme weather— such as hurricanes, blizzards, droughts and floods are increasing, and we are told that global warming is the cause.

History shows that storm frequency and intensity is greatest in colder periods. The extreme weather of the Little Ice Age from the years 1550 to 1850 provides a good example, the storms were much more dramatic then with intensity that has not been seen since. The Thames river in England would freeze over and there would be ice parties. Crop failures meant starvation and plagues were common. It was a very difficult time to live.

It is shown that the active 2005 hurricane season is not associated with global warming according to data from the National Hurricane Center, which shows that there is no corellation between hurricanes and a warming climate over the past 150 years.

Hurricane experts are almost unanimously say that it is highly unlikely the global warming is increasing the frequency and the intensity of hurricanes. William Grey, National Hurricane Center: "In our view they are well within nature's variation."

Recently research at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has demonstrated that global warming may actually increase wind sheer over the tropical waters of the Atlantic and eastern Pacific Tropical Zones, much like what happened in the 2006 El Nino year, when no hurricanes struck the United States at all. Wind sheer could keep hurricanes from forming, intensifying, or even cause them to disorganize.

( A NOAA animation is also show explaining how wind sheer due to warmer temperatures works to help dissipate hurricanes. )

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