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Sea Level Issues - from 'Global Warming or Global Governance?'
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This video clip from the documentary ”Global Warming or Global Governance” explains why the sea levels of the Earth will not rise by a significant amount over the next century, and debunks some of the exaggerated claims about the effects of recent climate warming such as the issue of declining polar bear populations.

While Al Gore claimed that sea levels could rise by as much as 20 feet over the next century due to ice melting on the edge of the Arctic and Greenland, it is shown that those claims are false due to the fact that as ice melts on the edges of those bodies, it tends to accumulate more in their centers due to increased precipitation.

On July 25, 1942, two B-17 Flying Fortresses were forced to make an emergency landing on Greenland's southern Ice Cap. The crew was rescued, but the planes were left on the ice. In 1988, a team was led to find the missing planes. They expected to find the planes within 40 feet of the surface, but they eventually found them 268 feet below the ice surface. The team used hot water to extract a plane, and it is now flying again. It is shown that the ice simply accumulated on top of the plane rather than pushing over it due to the plane being fully intact when extracted.

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