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”Why Does it Take a Polar Bear to Get your Attention?”
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Following is a transcript from this 30 second public service announcement:

”The same polluting activities that create global warming are linked to diseases like asthma. 9 million children have been diagnosed with asthma, and kids in low income communities are hit the hardest. We need to stop global warming, and protect everyone’s right to breathe clean air. Why does it take a polar bear to get your attention? Find out what you can do. Visit”

Note that this announcement is not accurate for a number of reasons. Scientific studies have shown that air pollution is not the cause of asthma, and also the quality of air in the United States has been improving dramatically over the past few decades due to regulations which control the amount of toxic pollutants and particulates that factories and power generating stations put into the atmosphere.

Studies Show Asthma is not Caused by Global Warming
December 11, 2006
This article contains an example of a public service announcement which exploits fears of asthma being created by air pollution and global warming, and then it presents excerpts from a National Center for Policy Analysis document entitled Facts Not Fear on Air Pollution which explains realities of air pollution in the United States. The document also explains how air pollution issues are being distorted by politicians and media outlets for spreading fear of health risks for the purpose of political gain.

Motives of the Globalist Establishment - from Global Warming or Global Governance?
running time 26 minutes 48 seconds
This compilation of video clips from the documentary video "Global Warming or Global Governance?" discusses why many scientists, journalists, and politicians of the political establishment have an agenda of perpetuating the idea of current global warming being extreme and caused by man's activities, despite much surprising evidence to the contrary— largely due to common ulterior motives of offering solutions which actually impose deceptive and dangerous globalist agendas.

Global warming issues are being used by powerful political organizations to help form a centralized world government, through setting precedents for international controls and regulation which are shown to actually have little or nothing to do with global warming, such as the Kyoto Protocol. This video clip explains specifics of the true agendas of imposing global warming legislation.

A Summary of the Article ”Cap and Trade” Published in <i>The New American Magazine</i>
October 11, 2009
This article is a summary of points made in the article ”Cap and Trade”, by Ed Hiserodt for ”The New American Magazine,” September 17, 2009. The article explains how the legislation is meant to give government unprecedented power to control the allocation of energy resources through the use of taxable and tradable ”emission allowances” which are based on the amount of Carbon Dioxide that each business would be calculated to be responsible for putting into the atmosphere. It is explained how the legislation would amount to being an extremely expensive energy tax that would be wastefully applied and having much potential to be abused by political elites.

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