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John Stossel Discusses Distortions in the Global Warming Debate
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A video segment created by the journalist John Stossel for the ABC Television show ”20/20” examines issues concerning global warming, showing how issues are often extremely exaggerated by politicians and the media.

Following is a description of the video clip:

A group of children are interviewed and asked what they think about global warming, and they explain that they and their parents are very frightened due to being shown the Al Gore video ”An Inconvenient Truth” along with continually receiving other information which claims an imminent climate catastrophe.

It is explained how despite many extreme claims being made in the media about global warming, that ”the debate is certainly not over” despite attempts being made to claim otherwise.

Al Gore’s movie ”An Inconvenient Truth” is discussed, explaining that despite the film winning an Academy Award and Al Gore winning the Nobel Peace Prize, the film is loaded with misinformation about the causes and effects of global warming, including making extremely inaccurate claims about potential sea level rise and danger to polar bears. Stossel mentions that he wanted to interview Gore about discrepancies in the video, but Gore would not agree to being interviewed.

Well known scientists John Christy, Roy Spencer, and Paul Reiter are interviewed, explaining how the debate is not over and how the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) often relies on deceptive practices for making global warming seem to be a bigger problem than it actually is. It is also explained that scientists who speak out about misleading claims being made about global warming are often ostracized as being ”deniers” and accused of appeasing corrupt interests.

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