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Fabled Enemies Trailer - Joe Biden
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Following is a description and partial transcript of a video segment speaking about questionable activities of Joe Biden from the Jason Bermas documentary "Fabled Enemies."

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Narrator (Jason Bermas): ”Joe Biden, who had also met with the head of the Pakistani ISI, had harsh words on the Senate Floor..”

Joe Biden: ”.. and the word should go out to those who pretend that they wish to be our friends that they are going to have to make some very difficult choices, Pakistan in particular, is going to have a make a very difficult choice, very soon.. Words will not be sufficient, actions will be demanded..”

When Biden was confronted, he confirmed his meeting with Mahmoud Ahmad, saying Pakistani intelligence was indeed funding the Taliban..

Activist Luke Rudkowski : ”In the days following 9/11 you met with the head of Pakistani ISI General Mahmoud Ahmad .. it has since come to light that he ordered [ Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh ] to wire $100,000 to Mohamed Atta.. Why was he allowed to go back to Pakistan, and why wasn't he questioned, and why were you meeting with him?”

Biden.. ”I met with him to deliver a message.. if he DIDN'T, he DIDN'T stop supporting the Taliban, we would take him out.”

Luke Rudkowski : ”Why did we let him go? We let him fly freely, we never investigated him, we never even looked into him..”

Biden: ”Look, there is a thing called 'diplomatic passports,' we did not arrest Khrushchev when he came..”

Luke Rudkowski : ”He financed the hijackers and you let him go, he is free..”

Biden: ”No one knew he financed the Hijackers”

Narrator: ”[ Biden ] would later state that the information was indeed classified ..”

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