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Behind the Big News: Clip 3 of 3, Media Bias Meant to Forward Globalist Objectives
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This video segment from the documentary video ”Behind the Big News” shows examples of intentional distortion of news stories by the mainstream media for the purpose of forwarding Establishment Globalist objectives. Examples are shown which explain how media attempts to create fears of a ”global crisis,” such as by exaggerating the effects of global warming, and issues are also shown concerning gun control agendas, federalization of police forces, and the Establishment’s use of ”controlled opposition” for controlling activism about key issues. Also discussed are ways that people can make a difference by pushing back such agendas.

Following is a written description of the information in the clip:

It is explained that the news media often makes use of such tactics as giving distorted news reports claiming exaggerated effects of global warming for the purpose of creating fear of a ”global crisis,” in order to create interest in forwarding deceptive globalist legislation meant to centralize government power on a planetary scale.

Issues with the media’s treatment of gun control issues is explained, showing that often it is the guns that are most blamed for crimes rather than the criminals, and it is shown that often responsible users of guns are lumped in with those who use guns to commit crimes in media reports. It is explained that it is a Constitutional right to be able to own guns, and laws that ban guns will realistically only stop law-abiding citizens from owning guns rather than criminals.

Issues with the famous incident of Rodney King being beaten by police officers in Los Angeles is shown, explaining that after riots broke out in the city when the police officers received a verdict of ”not-guilty,” it was commonly reported in the media that the jurors were bigoted and racist. However it is shown that the media intentionally kept aspects of the issue hidden from the public which the jury was allowed to see. Following are points raised:

— King was driving at speeds up to 115 MPH while cutting across numerous lanes of expressway traffic and running red lights.

— King was a convicted felon who was out on parole for armed robbery

— Two other African American passengers in King’s car cooperated with officers and were handcuffed without being abused and later released.

— King was under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

— When King was finally stopped, he resisted arrest and refused to get down on the ground and was tackled by four officers, and King then rose up and threw them off and was then shot by a taser which did not have much effect in subduing him.

— At this point of the conflict people started to videotape the situation, however the news media did not broadcast the first part of those tapes which showed King attacking one of the officers before they attacked him, but the jury did see that footage, so the public was under the impression that King was more of a victim than he actually was.

— The documentary states ”Although people may look at the same evidence and disagree with the verdict, the fact remains, the media withheld critical information from the American people in order to make the facts fit the story it wanted to tell.” It is then explained that the major news media intentionally reported the story the way they did for the purpose of implying that the concept of ”local” law enforcement is a failure and in need of being replaced by ”federalized” law enforcement, however it is explained that the truth of the matter is that local law enforcement is accountable to their communities while federal law enforcement would instead be accountable only to corrupt political elites.

It is explained that a publicity stunt created by gun disarmament advocates for an event called the ”Million Mom March” used techniques for creating the illusion in the media of having more popular support than it actually had. In the weeks before the event, many major news reports were used to create public interest, and the public was continually told that it’s organizer Donna Dees-Thomases was only a ”suburban housewife and political novice” who was shocked into action after watching the televised aftermath of a shooting at a day care center. In reality, Dees-Thomases is a political veteran, who is a Congressional staffer and publicist for CBS News that is a ”shrewd, well-connected player for the media elite.” Also despite lackluster attendance at the event, the media promoted the illusion of a ”nationwide demand” for imposing more gun laws. It is explained that as the global elite are attempting to set up a world government, they have an agenda of confiscating the guns of the citizens of the United States.

Issues with demonstrations and riots at the 1999 Seattle World Trade Organization meeting are discussed. Over 500 National Guardsman and State Police were called in to restore order in what become known as ”The Battle of Seattle.” The media focused on the chaos and the demands of the mob, but they did not focus on how the groups on the street were organized and funded, or wether their leaders had hidden agendas. It is explained that the media portraits such demonstrations as ”natural outpourings of genuine grass-roots concern,” and it is shown that the media often reports issues concerning globalism by making use of ”false alternatives” in order to make sure that both sides of an issue still appear to call for empowering the United Nations when actually the UN is often actually the real cause of the problems. The media also further ”stage manages” the issue by promoting individuals who are designated as the ”official opposition,” such as Lori Wallach who heads ”Global Trade Watch,” which receives funding from the Globalist CFR affiliated Ford Foundation. A cover story about Wallach was published on the cover of the CFR magazine Foreign Policy, which signals to media leaders that she is the one who should be represented as the expert representing the "oppostion" on trade issues.

It is explained that a basic objective of the Establishment has been to break the will of the people to resist the formation of a one world government, by suggesting through their propaganda that it is inevitable that a world government will be formed and the momentum toward it is so great that it cannot be stopped, however it is shown that the momentum of the Establishment has been stopped in the past. For example, as Bill Clinton began his second term, he chose W. Anthony Lake to be his CIA director, but Senate approval would be required first. The CFR controlled Establishment media gave many glowing endorsements of Lake despite many issues in his background raising doubts about his suitability for the post, including his long history of associating with groups hostile to American national security. A group of political watchdogs supplied key senators with documentation and a New American magazine article helped mobilize public pressure for a thorough investigation, which made the New York Times claim that Lake was being victimized by the ”far right.” Lake then withdrew from the nomination rather than face Senate scrutiny. It is explained that the New American magazine has been very influential in exposing corruption years and sometimes even decades before the mainstream media mentions those issues, with examples given such as the magazine’s examinations of issues concerning Osama Bin Laden and Sadam Hussein years before conflict arose with them.

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