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Behind the Big News: Infiltration of the Anti-WTO Movement
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This video clip from the documentary ”Behind the Big News” explains Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) connections to the anti-WTO movement which are meant to ensure continued propagation of globalist agendas.

Street demonstrators turned the area of the World Trade Organization into a war zone. Over 500 National Guardsmen and State police are called in to restore order in what became known as the ”Battle of Seattle.”

The major media focuses on the chaos and the mob's demands, but they carefully avoided the issue as to how the groups on the street are organized and funded, or whether their leaders might have a hidden agenda. Instead the media portraits such demonstrations as natural outpourings of genuine grassroots concern.

For those who orchestrate these events, it's the illusion that counts.

William Norman Grigg, Senior Editor, New American Magazine: ”The familiar media melodrama of the anti-globalization movement that we have seen in Seattle and some of the other protest venues is really a classic example of the bracketing of false alternatives, because we are told that these people 'oppose' the global agenda— after all they are called 'anti-globalization activists.' Well, what it is they oppose? They don't oppose global government, they believe there is too much free market capitalism in the world, and government— at a global level— has to be more assertive in imposing controls over the free exchange of goods and services.”

William F. Jasper, Senior Editor, New American Magazine: ”You see that both of these sides are really calling for empowering the United Nations.”

The media further stage manages the illusion of conflict by promoting those designated as the official opposition. The media appointed spokesperson for the Anti-WTO forces is Lori Wallach, who heads up ”Global Trade Watch.” Ignored by the media is the fact that Wallach receives funding from the Ford Foundation, which is closely tied to the CFR. The friendly relationship between Wallach and the CFR agenda was made clear in ”Foreign Policy Magazine”— a major conduit for CFR thinking. This issue [of the magazine] signals media leaders that Lori Wallach should be represented as an ”expert” on trade issues. By ensuring that only false opposition is offered to its revolutionary agenda, the CFR internationalists can't loose.

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