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Cynthia McKinney Confronting Donald Rumsfeld
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In this nine minute video clip, Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney confronts Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on Halliburton’s subsidiary DynCorp’s involvement in human trafficking, the Pentagon’s unaccounted for Trillions, and the 9/11 wargames at the House Hearing on FY06 Dept. of Defense Budget, March 11, 2005.

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Following is a partial transcript of this video, the full transcript may be viewed at:

“Transcript of Representative Cynthia McKinney’s Exchange with Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Richard Myers, and Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) Tina Jonas, March 11th, 2005”

Cynthia McKinney: “I watched President Bush deliver a moving speech at the United Nations in September 2003, in which he mentioned the crisis of the sex trade. The President called for the punishment of those involved in this horrible business. But at the very moment of that speech, DynCorp was exposed for having been involved in the buying and selling of young women and children. While all of this was going on, DynCorp kept the Pentagon contract to administer the smallpox and anthrax vaccines, and is now working on a plague vaccine through the Joint Vaccine Acquisition Program. Mr. Secretary, is it [the] policy of the U.S. Government to reward companies that traffic in women and little girls?”

Cynthia McKinney: “Finally Mr. Secretary, after the last Hearing, I thought that my office was promised a written response to my question regarding the four wargames on September 11th. I have not yet received that response, but would like for you to respond to the questions that I’ve put to you today. And then I do expect the written response to my previous question - hopefully by the end of the week.”

Donald Rumsfeld: “Thank you, Representative. First, the answer to your first question is, no, absolutely not, the policy of the United States Government is clear, unambiguous, and opposed to the activities that you described. The second question —”

Cynthia McKinney: “Well how do you explain the fact that DynCorp and its successor companies have received and continue to receive government contracts?”

Donald Rumsfeld: “I would have to go and find the facts, but there are laws and rules and regulations with respect to government contracts, and there are times that corporations do things they should not do, in which case they tend to be suspended for some period; there are times then that the - under the laws and the rules and regulations for the - passed by the Congress and implemented by the Executive branch - that corporations can get off of - out of the penalty box if you will, and be permitted to engage in contracts with the government. They’re generally not barred in perpetuity -”

Cynthia McKinney: “This contract - this company - was never in the penalty box. If you could proceed to my second question, please..”


Donald Rumsfeld:  “I'm advised by Dr. Chu that it was not the corporation that was engaged in the activities you characterized but I'm told it was an employee of the corporation, and it was some years ago in the Balkans that that took place.”

Cynthia McKinney: ”It's my understanding that it continues to take place, and..”

Donald Rumsfeld: ”Is that right? Well if you could give me information to that effect..”

Cynthia McKinney: ”I am sure you are interested in all the information that I have, and I will be more than happy to provide it for you.”

Donald Rumsfeld: ”Good, thank you.”

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