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Alex Jones speaks with pharmacutical industry activist Rebecca Carley, March 12, 2009

Former Surgeon Rebecca Carley, whose son was taken from her due to her speaking out about corruption in the Pharmacutical industry.
Former Surgeon Rebecca Carley, whose son was taken from her due to her speaking out about corruption in the Pharmacutical industry.

recorded March 12, 2009, running time 48 minutes

Alex Jones talks with former surgeon and pharmaceutical company abuse activist Rebecca Carley, speaking about many issues associated with the dangers inherent in the use of vaccines. Topics discussed include the many reasons to believe that the 2009 release of Bird Flu was intentional, legislation currently on the books which allows the U.S. Department of Defense to use unknowing human subjects for testing of biological weapons, ostracisations of doctors who speak out against the pharmaceutical industry, the Obama Administration's allocation of a half a billion dollars for "genomic programs" which tamper with the human DNA structure, and other issues.

Following is a written description of the broadcast:

Discussed is why vaccines can cause violent behavior in individuals due to a common side effect of swelling in the lymbic system areas of the brian, called "Vaccine-Induced Encephalitis"— and how researchers are studying how to create aggressive behavior in individuals through this effect by making use of the Rabies virus.

Carley discusses a paper she wrote entitled "Inoculations — True Weapons of Mass Destruction" which explains various types of common vaccine damage from a study by non-pharmacutical industry funded veterinarians.

Discussed is a recent article published in the Canadian press by Helen Branswell, explaining how the 2009 release of Bird Flu by the Pharmaceutical company Baxter was intentional for the purpose of selling vaccinations which the company also manufactures. The issue is compared to the 2001 Anthrax mailings which were partially motivated to create a demand for the anti-anthrax drug Cipiro.

Carley is worried that the "horse is already out of the barn," and that people may have already been exposed to the Bird Flu due to the mailings by Baxter. Also there are concerns that the companies are intending to test the bird flu on Eastern European homeless people to test mortality rates which would result.

Alex Jones mentions a long list of past incidents of biological weapons being used against citizens by government organizations, and explains how recent events fit into the same pattern and are being done legally under US codes. The actual code can be found in the library under Title 50, Chapter 32, Sections 1520, 1524, and 1528 paragraph "b", which states that the department of Defense can use human subjects for testing of biological weapons, with the wording of the law stating that it is not allowed without consent, except in cases of government testing. The initial wording was written in 1960, then in April of 2000 the code was repealed, but then was actually loopholed back in and expanded to include the following exceptions to the use of human subjects for testing biological agents: "Any peaceful purpose related to a pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial, or research activity for any purpose directly related to protection from toxic chemicals or biological weapons, or any law enforcement purpose including riot control."

Nearly a billion dollars has been authorized for use by the Obama Administration as a part of the recent stimulus package that is going to be used as an additional amount to carry out an immunization program authorized by section 317 AJK1 of the Public Health Service Act. In addition, a half a billion dollars has been allocated to carry out "chronic disease, health promotion, and 'genomic programs'"— which means actually tampering with human DNA structure.

Carley explains how every element of a vaccine can do its own damage, and explains why mercury is not allowed to be flown on airplanes because of its violent reaction when exposed to aluminum which could actually burn a hole into the fuselage— and then she asks why mercury and aluminum are combined in people's blood streams by pharmaceutical products. Also explained is how many deadly allergies can have causes rooted in chemicals being exposed to the vaccinations.

Viruses are often being cultured using aborted fetus cells or money kidneys which make the recipient of the vaccines develop antibodies to the DNA of the organisms from which the vaccine was cultivated.

Explained is how Vaccine induced diseases are the biggest epidemic the world has ever known, and it is common for all domesticated animals including fish to be vaccinated— which ends up in the food supply of people. Veterinarians are finding massive increases in cancer at the injection sites of dogs and cats.

Carley explains how she has been persecuted more than just about any medical doctor who speaks about vaccines due to her willingness to discuss genocidal agendas of the pharmaceutical industry. Her medical license was taken while she was a practicing surgeon, despite never having a single complaint filed against her— and she explains that it was due to her appearance on a public access Television show in Long Island exposing pedophiles in high level government positions which prompted charges against her of having a "delusion of conspiracy." Even though ten psychologists and psychiatrists examined her and found that she was fine, a French psychiatrist was found that claimed that not only does she have a delusion, but it was so dangerous that in order to practice medicine that she would need to undergo psychiatric treatment, electroshock therapy, or institutionalization. At that point she told them that they could take her license— she is a teacher now who has totally taken herself out from under their auspice.

Carley speaks about how the Nation's Medicare trust fund is gone, which is giving rise to genocidal practices in hospitals such as giving overdoses of morphine and mismatched blood transfusions to the elderly, and she explains that every doctor who tells the truth about such situations risks attempts of removal of their medical license.

Also explained are issues of the dangerous hepatitis B vaccines being given to newborn infants despite hepatitis being a disease which is usually only spread by intravenous drug use and sexual contact, and well as how hospitals often receive kickbacks for taking childern away from thier parents and referring them to the Child Protective Services (CPS), for reasons as superficial as the parents not vaccinating their children.

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