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Alex Jones speaks with George Humphrey, April 2, 2009

Economist and author George Humphrey.
Economist and author George Humphrey.

recorded April 2, 2009, running time 1 hour 6 minutes

Alex Jones speaks with economist and author George Humphrey, talking about what is being done to the economy by the globalist elite for the purpose of centralizing their control over the world's population. Explained is the mechanism of how the Federal Reserve and Treasury are printing money which does not have any real value, for the purpose of eventually bankrupting society for allowing the globalists to take ownership of its real assets, among other issues.

Following is a written description of the interview:

Description of Statements— George Humphrey: The ruling elite have been using "fiat currency" for manipulation, and they are more interested in gaining power rather than money. They have been forwarding an incremental economic breakdown of society over a long period of time and are now in the final chapter. Many people are led to believe that the recent bailout is only from $3 to $5 trillion dollars, however the Federal Reserve has actually created another $8 to $10 trillion dollars so far, while being unaccountable and without informing Congress or the people where all of the money is going. In actuality it is not a "bailout" but rather "financial terrorism". A controlling group the Illuminati has a motto "out of chaos is order," a historical example being what happened during the French Revolution where economies were destroyed for the purpose of the ruing elite consolidating power. What is happening now is the greatest transfer of wealth in all of history, and all of the middle class is being robbed as we speak. Wealth cannot be created by creating more debt, yet 90% of the bailout money is going to financial institutions despite being unconstitutional. The amount of the bailout does not even come close to the amount of "toxic" derivatives which exist, which could be from $300 to $900 trillion dollars, and the bailout money does not even pay the interest on such derivatives. Fundamental points made in the United States Constitution stress the importance of "real money" and having the governmental system control the process. What has been happening is an unsustainable cycle which is nearing its end, but it might be possible to change the direction of the destruction if enough people organize.

Description of Statements— Alex Jones: Trillions of dollars are given to private banks, and those banks are the public component of the Federal Reserve, which is a private bank. They are taking tax money to give it fiat value, and then pay it to themselves.

Description of Statements— George Humphrey: The Federal Reserve Board orders the Treasury to print up money, the treasury then prints the money and the Fed pays the treasury about 2 to 3 cents on the dollar. The Federal Reserve then lends the money to Federal Reserve regional banks which lend the money to other banks, which then lend the money out at a nine-to-one level. When the Federal Reserve gets the money back it puts it in its "reserves" and lends that money out again, which makes their "book value" appear to be 72 times the original amount they have in it— and it all starts with nothing— just paper and ink.

Description of Statements— Alex Jones: Derivatives are inflated for the public to buy real assets, and when the bubble bursts the public is left with a black hole of debt, with the ruling elite running off with the real assets which will be used to create a global tyranny to control every facet of the lives of the people of the world, as plans have been documented many times in the past in writings contained in books and government documents.

Description of Statements— George Humphrey: The "fiat" system is a system of theft, and it has been around for a long time. "Fiat" means the declaration of the King or the Presidency, and it usually entails money being made out of nothing. The Federal Reserve is above any laws of the United States, and it is the basis of its monetary system. Banks in the United States are in the process of being nationalized and fed by wealth owned by a small group of ruling elite.

Description of Statements— Alex Jones: It is a system of "institutional fraud," and now mainstream media is admitting that world government is being implemented despite having denied that fact in the past.

Description of Statements— George Humphrey: Obama is a very good actor, and the globalist individuals are acting as quickly as possible before too many people wake up to the facade of what is happening. A G-20 meeting which is currently happening is intended to create a more centralized World Bank. The US treasury and the Fed are in the process of intentionally destroying the livelyhoods of every average citizen.

Description of Statements— George Humphrey: Power corrupts, and there are many historical reasons to believe that the global controllers will be tyrannical. Stalin killed 25 million people in his own nation by starving them to death. Mao Tse Tung promised a new way and a better life, however in a matter of a few years 55-60 million Chinese people had been killed. Believing that such a scenario cannot happen is denial, and it will take the combined efforts of everyone to roll back the political changes that are taking place.

Description of Statements— Alex Jones: Seeds have been planted and many are waking up and mobilizing.

Description of Statements— George Humphrey: Many prominent individuals in the past spoke out about the danger of the globalist agenda. Some people think that the only way that they can survive is to behave similar to a vampire and suck the life force out of others. However, enlightened people know that the Universe has infinite love and infinite abundance for the healthy life of all if we work together with cooperation and under the rule of law. The people in Washington who are supposed to be maintaining the laws are breaking them right in front of us. Also Hollywood movies often predict future events based on individuals having advanced information, such as the movie "Wag the Dog" being "in the can" shortly before such a scenario happened in the Clinton Administration.

(Calls are then taken, issues spoken about include how many methods of census taking are unconstitutional, issues about constitutional guarantees of freedom of religion, the importance of avoiding focusing only on "side issues", Obama being a "trojan horse" for the ruling elite, concerns about the potential of bioterrorism attacks occurring and a possible connection with chemtrail spraying, suspicious behavior of FEMA seeming to be in preparation for mass casualties, "cognitive dissodence" and the importance of enough people coming together to make a difference, among many other issues.)

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