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A Reexamination of Climate Change Issues

Section Directory:  Issues with the Science of Global Warming

updated July 31, 2010

Since the introduction of Michael Mann’s ”Hockey Stick Curve” in 1998 which inaccurately flattened previously recognized high and low temperature periods of the previous millennium, public fears of global warming have helped to spawn a tremendous scientific industry that has grown around the study of climatology, in particular related to aspects of the potential effects of increasing CO2 on the temperature of the climate.

Many questionable issues exist concerning the science of global warming.
Many questionable issues exist concerning the science of global warming.
Much of the sudden surge of global warming research money being poured into the scientific community is originating based on the efforts of powerful and seemingly legitimate political organizations which are actually shown to be depending on fears of impending climatic catastrophe in order to implement legislation which forwards deceptive long-term globalist agendas.

This section directory contains articles and video clips which help to describe issues of bias which are common in the scientific community used to exaggerate the causes and effects of global warming.

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Issues with Scientists, Politicians, and the Media

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This compilation of video clips from the film ”The Great Global Warming Swindle” discusses various reasons why many scientists, journalists, and political organizations such as the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC ) have a vested interest in distorting information related to global warming issues.

Many scientists depend on a perception of a danger from the effects of global warming in order to receive funding for their research, political organizations use it to push agendas which are often not even related to the environment, and media outlets often hype inaccurate scientific reports to appease powerful political elites who have an increasing control over corporate media.

The individual movie page contains a more detailed description.

The SurfaceStations.Org Project

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December 4, 2009

Noticeable Temperature Differences Depending on Weather Station Configurations

A large proportion of weather measuring stations across the country are shown to bias their readings, due to initially being misconfigured and also due to changing land use over time which increasingly surrounds the stations with environmental factors such as asphalt or concrete, and also such heat generating objects as air conditioners.

Data collected shows that over half of the temperature measuring stations in the United States may bias their temperatures by as much as 2 degrees C.

”Here is a well maintained and well suited USHCN station. This station in Orland, CA has been in the same location for over 100 years.”

”This site in Marysville, CA has been around for about the same amount of time, but has been encroached upon by growth in a most serious way by micro-site effects.”

Images of Misconfigured Weather Stations from

Following are samples of images of misconfigured weather stations from the website Currenly the configurations of over 1000 stations across the country have been documented on this site.

Santa Rose, CA

Paso Robles, CA

Eastport, Maine

Titusville, FLA

Forestgrove, OR

Lovelock, NV. (A large light bulb is in the thermometer shelter as well.)

Marysville, CA

Roseburg, OR

Detroit Lakes, MN

Tahoe City, CA

Fraud and Deceit in Selling Man-Made Global Warming (Book Excerpt: ”Unstoppable Global Warming — Every 1,500 Years” )

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updated December 6, 2009
These excerpts from the book "Unstoppable Global Warming Every 1,500 Years" explain a number of issues related to the global warming scientific community, including why many scientists publish misleading information about global warming, how the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has published false information claiming certainty of global warming being man-made, and explaining why claims of scientific consensus are not accurate.

Issues with the ”Hockey Stick Curve”

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December 2, 2009
Up until 1995, most climate scientists had a common view of the temperatures of the Earth's climate over the past millennium to include periods being as warm or warmer than they are now, as well as periods which have been much colder. Scientific evidence and historical records show events such as a "Medieval Warm Period" between 700 - 1300 AD, and a "Little Ice Age" between 1560 - 1830 AD, which demonstrate wide temperature variability occuring in the climate without man's contribution of greenhouse gasses.

Currently the severity and global scope of the extremes of the past millennium's warming and cooling are debated, especially in light of a recently published graph known as the "hockey stick curve," which flattens previously accepted past high and low temperature periods, resulting in making current warming appear to be exceptional. This article explores many issues concerning the accuracy of the "hockey stick curve."

The Problems with Computer Models

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This video clip from the documentary video ”The Great Global Warming Swindle” explains why climate forecasts created by computer models are extremely unreliable. Climate scientists are interviewed who explain that climate models are only as good as the assumptions that go into them, and if any one factor is incorrect, the entire result of the model can be wildly inaccurate.

Dr. Roy Spencer, a senior scientist for climate studies at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center: ”Climate models are only as good as the assumptions that go into them. And they have hundreds of assumption. All it takes is one assumption to be wrong for the forecast to be way off.”

Narrator: ”All models assume that man-made CO2 is the main cause of climate change, rather than the sun or the clouds.”

Dr. Tim Ball, Former Professor, University of Winnipeg: ”The Analogy I use is: ‘My car is not running very well, so I’m going to ignore the engine which is the sun, and I’m going to ignore the transmission which is the water vapor, and I am going to look at one nut on the right rear wheel which is the human produced CO2.’ The science is that bad.”

Professor Ian Clark, University of Ottowa: ”You haven’t understood all of the components— the cosmic rays, the solar, the CO2, the water vapor, the clouds— and put it all together, if you haven’t got all that then your model isn’t worth anything.”

The range of the climate forecasts varies greatly depending on subtle alterations of the assumptions that the climate models are based on.

Professor Ian Clark: ”I work with models, I’ve done modeling, and in a mathematical model with tweaked parameters you can model anything— you can make it get warm, you can make it get colder by changing things.”

Narrator: ”To the untrained eye, computer models look impressive, and they often give wild speculation about the climate the appearance of rigorous science. They also provide an endless stream of spectacular stories for the media.

Issues with Computer Models - from 'Global Warming or Global Governance?'

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This video clip discusses problems associated with the use of computer models for modeling climate behavior. It is explained how governments have placed all of their faith in the IPCC, and the IPCC has placed all their faith in computer models.

Dr. Robert Davis, University of Virginia, "General Circulation Models, or GCMs as we like to refer to them, are trying to simulate the climate of the Earth, at the surface as well as the upper atmosphere. The climate includes not only temperature and precipitation and cloud cover, but also winds, changes or the movement of these systems over time from one month to another, evaporation from the oceans and the land, precipitation onto the surface, global ice, sea cover, all the aspects of the Earth over the planet that are related to the atmosphere or the oceans."

Dr. Roy W. Spencer, Senior Scientist for Climate Studies NASA, Marshall Space Flight Center: "It is very difficult to create a realistic computer model because the atmosphere and the surface of the earth and the oceans and vegetation systems are all so very complex. And the ways that all these components of the system interact are so complex, they interact in non-linear ways which we really can't predict. One thing changes, which changes something else which changes something else, there is this cascade of processes."

Dr. Patrick J. Michaels, University of Virginia: "People have to understand that the entire global warming climate change hysteria is driven by computer models. It is not driven by reality. Reality is not warming up like those models said it would."

The GISS ”Y2K” Programming Glitch

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December 6, 2009
Climate change researcher Steve McIntyre of the website had discovered an error in computer software which is commonly used for tabulating temperate records, now known as the ”GISS Y2K Error.” While the issue was not actually due to a ”Y2K” Glitch, the programming error started commencing in January of 2000 when it made temperatures appear to jump 1 degree C in the wintertime, and 0.8 degrees C annually.

Motives of the Globalist Establishment - from 'Global Warming or Global Governance?'

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This compilation of video clips from the documentary video "Global Warming or Global Governance?" discusses why many scientists, journalists, and politicians of the political establishment have an agenda of perpetuating the idea of current global warming being extreme and caused by man's activities, despite much surprising evidence to the contrary— largely due to common ulterior motives of offering solutions which actually impose deceptive and dangerous globalist agendas.

Currently over $4 billion is being spent annually on global warming research, and the issue has turned into a cottage industry with a large cadre of scientists on "soft money"— meanting they would often cease to recieve funding if they do not somehow show a global warming connection to carbon dioxide emissions through their research.

Scientists who deny man caused warming are frequently accused of taking money from the energy industry, but very often the opposite is true. Many energy companies exert heavy political pressure for allocating increasingly large amounts of money to the global warming issue and for passing economically damaging legislation, and often such companies individually receive billions of dollars from that legislation.

Global warming issues are being used by powerful political organizations to help form a centralized world government, by setting precedents for international control and regulation which are shown to actually have little or nothing to do with global warming, such as the Kyoto Protocol. The video clip shows many examples of political elites having deceptive agendas of dissolving the sovereignty of nations including the United States, through setting up treaties which erode personal freedoms, national security, and land ownership among many other rights.

The media and political groups such as the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ( IPCC ) commonly distort issues concerning global warming by continually stating that it is a "settled science" and there is no longer any reason to debate, even though it is shown that a large proportion of climate scientists are doubtful of man's role in global warming and do not believe that the science is sound enough for formulating policy decisions.

Most in the government and media get the wrong impression from reading the "Summaries for Policy Makers" put out by the IPCC. Dr. Vincent Gray, an Expert IPCC Reviewer and Climate Consultant in New Zealand says "This 'Summary for Policy Makers' isn't a summary for policy makers at all, it is a summary 'by' policy makers— in other words, it is a summary that is agreed line by line, by government representatives. The IPCC is a political organization, set up by the United Nations, to provide evidence to support the framework convention on climate change which has been signed by governments, it is entirely political."

Also shown is a CNN broadcast by Chris Horner explaining how the IPCC reports are controlled by bureaucrats, policy makers, and pressure group lobbyists who modify the findings of contributing scientists to conform to pre-specified summaries which are established months before the underlying work is actually even written.

Discussed are United Nations global conferences which pose to be democratic conventions of representatives of over 100 nations who come together to vote for plans they all agree on. However it is shown that the policies are written ahead of time and the delegates are manipulated to produce what is called 'consensus,' which is never submitted to Congress. For example, the consensus process at a recent United Nations meeting about global warming was so firmly planted that at the opening day of the conference that there was consensus already formed, without suitable opportunity for debate. Essentially the agenda had been set beforehand and delegates come to the table to find what their working orders are.

Michael Coffman explains why the Koyoto protocol has nothing to do with actually reducing the carbon dioxide levels in the earth's atmosphere. Nations such as China and Russia would not be bound by the treaty and could continue to expand and pollute forever, and in fact China will overtake the emissions of carbon dioxide by the United States within two years. In actually, it is a massive income redistribution plan to shift money to third world nations as well as making them subservient, and it will not help global warming whatsoever.

Carroll Quigley's book "Tragedy and Hope" which was published in 1975 explains many of the long-term agendas of the Globalists, including "...the powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences. (p 324)." These private groups, meetings and conferences still exist today under a cloud of secrecy, such as with the Council on Foreign Relations, the Club of Rome, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group and many others.

The phrase "New World Order" raised many red flags of concern and was dropped almost as soon as President Bush mentioned it during the first Gulf War. Soon afterwards, The Commission on Global Governance was formed in association with the United Nations, and in the report "Our Global Neighborhood" published in 1995, it laid out a list of justification and implementation goals needed to implement global governance, and it reported that issues concerning the environment are key to formulating global governance. On page 208 it states that "Considerable strides have been made in creating a system of international environmental governance to achieve global sustainable development through the management of cross-border environmental disputes and protection of the global commons." On page 213 it states "A carbon tax... would no doubt be a valuable step forward...towards a radically different system— one that taxes the resource use rather than employment (through payroll taxes) and savings. This would recognize the need to discourage excessive consumption and would stimulate employment as part of a strategy of sustainable development." This strategy is used in Al Gore's proposed plans for implementing carbon taxes.

Al Gore is interested in the use of "cap and trade schemes" which are to be implemented through a system he helped to create while being Vice President which involves "public-private partnerships"— which shift decision making from the electorate and elected officials to a non-accountable partnership of non-governmental organizations, government bureaucracies, and multinational corporations at the international, national, and local levels. Since these organizations are not elected and not accountable to the electorate, they are free to impose their will on the people. All of this is driven by often deliberately fabricated needs of "sustainable development," such as the Kyoto Protocol which would allow control over our economy by international bureaucracies that will impose carbon taxes and cap and trade schemes exactly as the Commission on Global Governance and Al Gore propose. These partnerships create a neo-facist relationship between governments and corporations which create monopolies. Once this process is fully in place there will no longer be free market enterprise, but rather total economic control by corporations and political elites. It is a configuration predicted by Carroll Quigley in his book "Tragedy and Hope," and is a defining factor of what is meant by the term "Global Governance" and "The New World Order."

A CNN Lou Dobbs news report is shown explaining how corporate fascism is spreading throughout the North American continent, and how profits of corporations have increased 45% while wages of American workers has risen only 3% in the same time. Also explained is how the decision making processes are shifted to dangerously configured and unaccountable corporations rather than through the electorate and elected officials.

A more recent George Bush plan for reducing carbon dioxide emissions has "improvements" over the Kyoto Protocol, however it still establishes a huge international bureaucracy which is not accountable to the United States and the world. United Nations documents make is very clear that they want to set up a regulatory structure that would affect every man, woman, and child on planet Earth, and all of the control would be headquartered in the United Nations.

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