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Surprising facts about the globalist financier George Soros, from the book ”Do As I Say (Not As I Do)”

updated March 28, 2012

The Globalist Financier George Soros.
The Globalist Financier George Soros

George Soros is a hugely influential yet relatively little known political figure. He is one of the world’s wealthiest men who has amassed much of his fortune through investing in world currencies at points in time shortly before political changes occur which effect the values of those currencies. He is a philanthropist who is frequently well thought of by many and is often perceived as using much of his fortune for creating progressive political change.

A look behind the scenes, however, reveals that Soros is a key globalist individual who is essentially a ”front man” for giving a humanitarian and progressive face to globalist agendas. [Note— His supposed speculative investments are often coordinated with the people who create the currency changes he is betting on in the first place, being planned at meetings such as secretive Bilderberg conferences. Soros’ philanthropy has perceived themes of progress and humanitarianism, but it is shown that his influence forwards globalist ulterior motives. His foundations fund left wing information outlets which have an appearance of being legitimate but in fact often disseminate deceptive information, such as the Center for American Progress,, The Nation, and Think Progress, among many others.]

Also it is shown that despite being a publicly outspoken critic of George Bush and Neocon imperialism, Soros has been a large investor along with the Bush family in the Carlyle Group, which is one of the largest elements of the "Military Industrial Complex."

Following are points describing the information contained in the chapter of the book Do As I Say (Not As I Do) speaking about George Soros.

— Soros became well known during the cold war for funding dissident groups behind the iron curtain and then providing hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to those countries.

— In 2003 Soros gave $10 million to the organization ”Americans Coming Together” in an ”urgent crusade” to defeat Bush, and he traveled the United States speaking to college campuses and the media talking about the importance of Bush being defeated in the upcoming election, comparing Bush to a Nazi and saying ”He’s leading the U.S. and the world toward a vicious circle of escalating violence,” and he spoke about how civil liberties would disappear under Bush. [Note— Such rhetoric was staged for ulterior motives, as Soros is one of the ”Bilderberg” global elite, and he knew that the baton would be passed to whatever Democratic Presidency that would be put in place after the Bush presidency to continue the same imperialist agendas, but with Soros then being in a perceived position of righteousness.]

— Soros thinks of himself as a philosopher and speaks of a utopian ”open society” existing in equilibrium, that would ”maximize the freedom of individuals to live as they wish,” and Soros has claimed having messianic fantasies since childhood which he says he is now able to live out.(2) [Note— While globalist strategies claim to be utopian in nature, they involve consolidation and transfer of global power to only a few globalist elite individuals through making use of deception of the world’s populace, and such strategies also involve extreme world depopulation which Soros also supports.]

— Soros portraits himself as a capitalist that has converted to the leftist cause and uses his money for good, such as to fight capitalism, reverse globalism, and increase taxes for the wealthy. [Note— Soros was able to get away with claims of reversing globalism more in the past as the topic was not well understood by enough people. He is in fact one of the most influential globalists.] ”He supports legalization of drugs, unfettered immigration, and advocates euthanasia and assisted suicide. Among his other causes are abortion rights, atheism, sex education, gun control, and gay marriage.” [Note— Many such stances may seem agreeable to a lot of people, however many of those issues have deeper implications that most left wing media outlets (many funded by Soros) are not willing to discuss.]

— Soros was born in 1930 to a Jewish family in Hungary. The Germans invaded Hungary when George was 14 years old, and during the occupation he hid by assuming the identity of a gentile and had a surrogate father whose job was to confiscate the property of Hungarian Jews in order to hand it over to the Germans. After the war, George was able to slip through the Soviet occupation and moved to England where he studied at the London School of Economics, and he eventually moved to the United States for a career of a currency speculator and stock market trader.(4)

— Soros started the ”Quantum Fund” in 1973 starting with a few million dollars in assets, and today the fund is worth over $10 Billion. His timing is usually perfect and his choices impeccable for making large profits. [Note— Soros’ success is largely due to being among the highest ranking global elite, where he has advance knowledge and even control over world events which others do not, thus giving him the ability to invest with complete confidence. He could be much wealthier if he wanted to be.]

— Soros is publicly critical of capitalism, but his wealth has been accumulated through an extremely predatory form of capitalism known as ”currency speculation,” which bets on values of the currencies of countries rising and falling. Also, his investments are internationally known as a "guarantee," so his merely making a public statement is enough to effect the market, which is an aspect that he has unethically exploited in the past. Soros’ Quantum Fund is established ”offshore,” which exempts it from Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules.

— Soros is well known for once betting $10 billion on the British pound in 1992 and then making a $1 billion profit in one day, which ended up heavily costing the British economy and taxpayers. He did similar trades in 1993 with the Danish Kroner,(9) and in 1998 with the Russian Ruble. He also caused economic damage in Asia and then reentered the market purchasing factories and infrastructure at heavily reduced prices.(10)

— Soros’s philanthropic efforts almost always serve to empower ulterior motives, such as when he ”opens” previously ”closed” developing countries and then takes ownership of important assets in those countries at bargain prices, such as his giving millions of dollars of aid to Kosovo and then paying $50 million to take ownership of a gold and silver mine claimed to be worth over $5 billion.(13)

— Soros has frequently been criticized for his hypocrisy of exploiting the capitalist systems which he publicly criticizes and claims are in need of reform. The American ”left wing” had criticized Soros about his activities in the past, but he has since purchased much of it’s influence and he now dictates agendas of many well-known information sources such as the Center for American Progress,, The Nation, and Think Progress, among many others. [Note— At the same time, most other left wing outlets are also now being consolidated and controlled by sources pushing the same pro-globalism agendas. Soros often escapes criticism for his unethical investing practices due to having an image of being a ”humanitarian philanthropist,” but in reality his activities are forwarding deceptive globalist agendas.]

— The hypocrisy of Soros is quite extensive— he publicly claims that capitalism needs ”a social conscience,” but his own activities have caused damage to entire countries, he has written about the need for stiffer corporate regulations, but he claims that his own funds do not need such regulation,(23) He advocates higher taxes for the wealthy,(25) but he is a master of avoiding taxation and is even considered a pioneer in doing so by making the practice of using offshore tax havens very popular.

— Despite giving speeches comparing George Bush to being a Nazi and currently making himself an icon of the mainstream left wing, Soros has invested at least $100 million in the infamous military contractor "The Carlyle Group" [Note— Which also has the Bush family as major investors.] The group had criticized the Carlyle group in the past by mentioning names of those involved— except for Soros who largely funds their operation. (See the video The Iron Triangle - The Carlisle Group).

— Issues are mentioned concerning Soros’ stance on drug legalization, including his support of legalization of all but the most dangerous drugs, and Soros seems to be positioning himself to profit from eventual legalization by purchasing large tracks of land in South America and forging alliances with South American Coca Leaf producers. [Note— It is shown that drug legalization could be beneficial for many reasons, including allowing the supply of drugs to be controlled and taxed which would reduce crime, hemp could be grown as a very useful commercial crop, and drug abusers could be rehabilitated rather than imprisoned if necessary.]

— Soros had contributed a large amount of money to promote campaign finance reform, yet he worked to have those reforms restrain organizations that Soros opposed such as the NRA while at the same time he contributed many millions to forwarding globalist agendas through funding groups such as


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