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Aerosol Crimes (aka Chemtrails) Full Version
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This documentary film created by chemtrail expert Clifford Carnicom shows evidence of chemtrail spraying operations, discusses grass-roots attempts of discovering what is being sprayed, and dicusses numerous reasons the government may have for engaging in such operations.

This DVD may be ordered from Clifford Carnicom's official website at A 40 minute abbreviated version of this film may be viewed here.

Following is a partial transcript from this film:

... [Normal] Contrails form easily in a low humidity environment. Cold and dry conditions, exactly those conditions that are normally found in the upper atmosphere are extremely favorable to contrail formation. The humidity levels of the upper atmosphere are actually relatively low, and is one of the very reasons that most clouds occur in the middle of the troposphere.. being the lower part of the atmosphere up to an altitude of approximately seven miles or so.

In addition to the customary existence of clouds and contrails, we must now consider a new entry, that of the aerosol. An aerosol is a solid particle in suspension, either in a liquid or a gas, and in this case we are considering the atmosphere as the gas to study. The aerosols will manifest in two primary forms, either as an aerosol emission from aircraft, or as an aggregate, or collection of aerosols in the atmosphere.. A suitable term for this collection of aerosols is an ”aerosol bank.”

It is known now that the persistent trails that form the subject of this film are primarily solid in nature and origin, and that they are not predominantly water vapor. A brief explanation of cloud formation will help us to understand why this is so.

Clouds, that is— normal clouds, require two fundamental elements to form, particles and moisture. Clouds are not suited to form in especially clean air. They require particulate matter, called condensation nuclei, that act as a base for water vapor to adhere to. The size of these nuclei— for the process to be effective— must be extremely small. The size of these nuclei are on the order of sub-micron. For comparison, a human hair is 60 - 100 microns thick, and an asbestos fiber is a couple of microns in thickness. The other essential component for normal clouds to form is a minimum level of humidity. From numerous sources this minimun is on the order of 70% relative humidity.

Notice that the requirements for cloud formation and contrail formation are already entirely different from one another. This is because they are entirely different phenomena based upon entirely different physical principals. Contrails can and should form readily in clean, cold, and dry air. Normal clouds, on the other hand, require higher moisture levels, and a particulate, or aerosol base from which to develop.

The radical transformation of our sky as a direct result of aircraft activity now forces us to address an entirely new set of conditions. Aircraft are now repeatedly dispersing materials into the upper atmosphere at flight altitude, roughly from 35,000 to 40,000 feet. These materials expand rather than evaporate and they usually transform into an unsightful haze that over the recent years has decreased our general visibility down to ground levels. One of the remarkable facts is that this commonly occurs at very low levels of humidity, on the order of 30 - 40%, instead of the 70% or greater that is associated with cloud formation.

And so we know now, that these are not ”clouds” in any conventional sense. They are indeed a unique and artificial creation that now crosses new thresholds in the atmospheric and geophysical sciences.

There is one way that such a transformation can be made, that is with the introduction of vast quantities of an extremely small, water loving metallic salt at flight altitude. This transformation cannot be achieved with water vapor alone, and the emissions under examination are indeed not water vapor. They are solid, and they are well entrenched into your air supply. These important conclusions are at the very heart of the aerosol operations that are being disclosed here. These changes in the very atmosphere that we breathe have a fundamental effect on the life of this planet, and these aerosol operations have many potential applications that reduce the sanctity of that life.

These operations are being conducted, they are being conducted without your participation or your informed consent. They are affecting your life, the lives of those you know and love, and the very life of the planet itself.


The answers, especially as to why, do not appear to be restricted to a single purpose. The more that is understood about the nature and potential of the operations, the more complex the picture appears. What can be done, however, is to use the vast body of evidence that has been collected as a grass roots level to make interpretations that are at least consistent with this data. This has been done, and there are now five major areas of endeavor that are now in agreement with the observations, data and analysis that now extends for more than five years:

These are:

- Environmental Engineering, Modification, and Control

- Electromagnetic Operations

- Military Operations

- Biological Operations

- Planetary and Geophysical Change

These areas are not mutually exclusive to one another. There is an overlap that can make it difficult to discern where one program may start and another end. It is quite possible that any, and indeed likely that many or all of these operations are being conducted concurrently. What can be done within this brief segment is to explain how and why these types of programs are consistent within the broad segment of evidence that is now available to examiner.


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