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Issues with Computer Models - from 'Global Warming or Global Governance?'
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This video clip discusses problems associated with the use of computer models for modeling climate behavior. It is explained how governments have placed all of their faith in the IPCC, and the IPCC has placed all their faith in computer models.

Dr. Robert Davis, University of Virginia, "General Circulation Models, or GCMs as we like to refer to them, are trying to simulate the climate of the Earth, at the surface as well as the upper atmosphere. The climate includes not only temperature and precipitation and cloud cover, but also winds, changes or the movement of these systems over time from one month to another, evaporation from the oceans and the land, precipitation onto the surface, global ice, sea cover, all the aspects of the Earth over the planet that are related to the atmosphere or the oceans."

Dr. Roy W. Spencer, Senior Scientist for Climate Studies NASA, Marshall Space Flight Center: "It is very difficult to create a realistic computer model because the atmosphere and the surface of the earth and the oceans and vegetation systems are all so very complex. And the ways that all these components of the system interact are so complex, they interact in non-linear ways which we really can't predict. One thing changes, which changes something else which changes something else, there is this cascade of processes."

Dr. Patrick J. Michaels, University of Virginia: "People have to understand that the entire global warming climate change hysteria is driven by computer models. It is not driven by reality. Reality is not warming up like those models said it would."

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