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Fall of The Republic - Clip: An Overview of Deceptions of the Obama Administration
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This video clip from the Alex Jones film ”Fall of the Republic” summarizes many of the most well known deceptions of the Obama Administration during the first year of his Presidency, showing that he is controlled by the same globalist elite individuals who have controlled all of the United States Presidencies during the past century.

It is explained how Obama has gone back on his major campaign promises, including raising taxes for the middle class, expanding trade deals such as NAFTA and GATT, expanding the Patriot Act and the practice of warrantless wiretapping, expanding indefinite detention, foreign wars, and protecting torture, undermining the U.S. Constitution by making use of ”signing statements”, putting lobbyists into key government positions, and empowering the New World Order by transferring control of the United States economy to private offshore banks, among other issues.

Following are descriptions of key points mentioned in the video clip:

- As the public begins to awaken to the fact that Barack Obama has reversed course from most of his campaign pledges, the establishment media and Democratic Leaders are attempting to ”divide and conquer” by playing the public off of themselves and attempting to reinforce the ”false left / right paradigm.” It is explained how the issue of race is exploited, with examples given such as Jimmy Carter (who has key individuals from his administration such as Zbigniew Brzezinski now serving in the Obama Administrsation) claiming that many of the people who critize Obama are doing so because he is an African American, and a CNN commentator is shown claiming the word "socialism" is becoming like the new ”N-word.”

- Obama’s allegiance is to the agendas of powerful globalist elite individuals, rather than to the American people, as has been the case for all of the United States Presidents during the 20th century. Presidents are ”selected” rather than ”elected.”

- Obama had pledged to end trade deals such as NAFTA and GATT, and has since fought to expand both of them. He promised to have the most ”transparent” Administration ever, and now his Administration is already more secretive than Bush and Cheney’s ever was— even making the identities of those who visit the White House a secret.

- One of Obama’s main campaign pledges was not to raise taxes for the middle class, and he has since gone back on that promise and introduced many types of new taxes on payroll, energy, and home mortgages, among many other types of taxes.

- Obama said that he was going to abolish the Patriot Act and he is now defending it, as well as defending the practice of warrantless wiretapping, and he is also bringing such practices to greater heights than even Bush and Cheney did by installing a surveillance and wiretapping grid which is run by the Pentagon. Obama also now has the authority to shut off the internet.

- Obama made a ”show” of investigating the practice of torture by the United States, but has ignored the US Army’s own investigative report which names torturers that were following the directives of Bush and Cheney— who are the two men that are actually most guilty for issuing the orders.

- Obama expanded Bush’s doctrine of indefinite detention of foreigners without trial. He has proposed the process of ”Pre-crime prolonged detention” where people are arrested and incarcerated to prevent crimes that people have not yet committed.

- Despite running as an "anti-war" candidate, Obama has continued the war in Iraq, massively expanded the war in Afghanistan, and unleashed a new conflict in Pakistan. Now Obama is promoting the biggest defense budget in history— dwarfing George Bush’s war machine.

- Obama made claims of ”teaching the Constitution for ten years,” and promised to obey the Constitution by stopping the practice of using ”signing statements,” though which the Executive Branch can illegally usurp the legislative power of Congress. However, Obama has made use of signing statements a number of times with key legislation. Congressman Dennis Kucinich cited the fact that George Bush abused the use of signing statements as one of the points in his drive for the impeachment of Bush.

- Obama promised that bills would be published five days before being voted on, in order to give the public a chance to read and debate the bills. However, from his first day in office he has pressured Congress to quickly pass bills before lawmakers and the public have a chance to see them. Bills such as the Cap and Trade legislation had many hundreds of pages added to them only hours before being voted on.

- Obama swore that he would never put lobbyists or donors into his administration, but he has broken all previous records by filling his Administration with contributors and Lobbyists who openly write legislation being proposed by the White House.

- Vice President Joe Biden confided to top supporters that it was important to implement their plans quickly due to the fact that their agendas would be very unpopular and loose public support quickly.

- Obama is the New World Order’s ”closer,” who is meant to re-package and solidify the political policies of George W. Bush as appearing to be ”progressive and trendy.” It is similar to advertising— President Obama does one thing, and ”brand” Obama gets you to believe another.

- Obama is attempting to destroy the Second Amendment with more than a dozen ”victim disarmament bills” which are now in Congress. Proposed ”hate crime” and ”cyber-bullying” laws would effectively criminalize free speech which is currently protected under the First Amendment.

- Obama made campaign claims of being involved with NAFTA being a ”mistake” and opting out of the United States being involved. But when people in the Canadian government become concerned about his making such claims, they were reassured by campaign officials that his making those statements was only ”campaign rhetoric” and should not be taken seriously. Obama is promoting the creation of the North American Union and is attempting to expand NAFTA and GATT, and is offering amnesty to over 20 million undocumented workers living in the United States.

- Obama is also pushing to Nationalize health care, which would amount to controlling as much as 20% of the U.S. economy.

- Obama is continuing the transfer of national sovereignty to unelected international bodies such as the United Nations and the World Trade Organization. Obama is in the process of giving dictatorial power over the United States Economy to a private offshore banking cartel known as the ”Bank of the World” under the cover of ”banking reform”— which is a key aspect of a long-planned ”New World Order.”

- At a September 2009 ”G20” summit meeting in Pittsburgh, PA, ministers called for an end of the Dollar being the world reserve currency, and they also called for a strengthening of Global Governance and called for a ”New World Order.”

- Obama is now the Chairman presiding over the United Nations Security Council, which is the most powerful position in the world government body. He is the first President to hold that post, and it is actually illegal for a sitting President to do so according to the US Constitution.

- Obama’s lies are obvious, out in the open and hidden in plain sight. Despite his approval rating falling considerably since he took office, many are still unaware of the extent of the deception that his Administration is engaging in.

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