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Deception at the Million Mom March
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This video clip from the documentary ”Behind the Big News” explains how a publicity stunt created by gun disarmament advocates for an event called the ”Million Mom March” used deceptive techniques for creating an illusion in the media of having more popular support than it actually had.

In the weeks before the event, many major news reports were used to create public interest, and the public was continually told that it’s organizer Donna Dees-Thomases was only a ”suburban housewife and political novice” who was shocked into action after watching the televised aftermath of a shooting at a day care center. In reality, Dees-Thomases is a political veteran, who is a Congressional staffer and publicist for CBS News that is a ”shrewd, well-connected player for the media elite.”

Also despite lackluster attendance at the event, the media promoted the illusion of a ”nationwide demand” for imposing more gun laws. It is explained that as the global elite are attempting to set up a world government, they have an agenda of confiscating the guns of the citizens of the United States.

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