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The Astonishing Story of Nicaragua’s Anastasio Somoza

by Edward Ulrich
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updated December 30, 2013

President Somoza addressing more than seventy-five thousand supporters at a Nicaraguan political rally in 1978.
President Somoza addressing more than seventy-five thousand supporters at a Nicaraguan political rally in 1978.

[ Note: Feb 24, 2011— All chapter summaries for the book ”Nicaragua Betrayed” have been completed. ]

Among the most important autobiographies written during the 20th century is one that most people have never heard of, and it’s one that the globalist Establishment does not want people to know about. The book ”Nicaragua Betrayed” is an engrossing behind-the-scenes account of the political career of Anastasio Somoza, the popular democratically elected leader of Nicaragua between 1967 and 1979, whose pro-U.S. government was overrun by Communist Sandinistas which the book proves were covertly supported by the globalist Establishment [note— ”Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)”] associated with Jimmy Carter’s Administration. Somoza was assassinated in 1980 shortly after his book was published. The book is very important because it exposes the true agendas of globalism and how the Establishment global elite actually operate.

Anastasio Somoza spent most of his early life in the United States and graduated from West Point Military Academy in 1946. He loved the United States, and the structure of his government was entirely similar to the U.S. as a democratically elected constitutional republic, which allowed the same freedoms and potential for prosperity as the United States offered, including freedom of the press.

Somoza was a person of much integrity and resourcefulness, and his book explains through firsthand accounts his dealing with constant assaults on him and his free country by ultimately the most powerful political forces on the planet— the global elite Establishment during the Carter Administration. The book describes the Establishment covertly equipping Communist Sandinista militants through Castro’s Cuba against Nicaragua, engaging in nonstop slander attacks by the United States mainstream media against him (the book provides a wealth of evidence exonerating him from such slander), strong-arming adjacent Latin American countries against him, imposing embargoes and sanctions based on fraudulent claims, and infiltrating the churches of Nicaragua with [note— ”Illuminati”] militant Communist Sandinista priests.

Even to this day, an agenda exits of leftist and Establishment news sources to create an avalanche of disinformation about Nicaragua, including making incorrect claims that Somoza was a tyrant and a corrupt dictator leading to him being overthrown by the Sandinistas, with extreme leftist sources even claiming that the Sandinistas who overthrew him as being a positive force for the people in that country. Such information sources will never mention the fact that the totalitarian Communist Sandinista FSLN government was installed by the Western Establishment as a part of a larger agenda to ensure that the Central American countries remain unstable and embroiled in deadly conflict and corruption— in order for the resource-rich reigon to eventually be consolidated by the global elite to take full control of it in an eventual imposition of a totalitarian New World Order.

General Somoza reviewing earthquake damage in Managua, 12/24/72

The book covers a time period between 1959 and 1979. Topics described by Somoza include Nicaragua’s involvement with the ”Bay of Pigs” invasion which show it being an intentionally failed attempt by the U.S. to overthrow Castro’s Cuba in 1959; also described is Somoza’s experiences directing the relief and reconstruction operations for a massive earthquake which destroyed Managua in 1972, how Somoza dealt with various high profile terrorist hostage situations, and how the U.S. covertly supported militant Communist Sandinista revolutionaries which increasingly infiltrated his country with the help of militant priests who gained influence using time-tested Marxist indoctrination methods. Much of the book is dedicated to Somoza describing how it increasingly became apparent to him that the invading Sandinista activity was ultimately a result of covert United States activity through Castro’s Cuba, despite the fact that Somoza’s government was entirely pro-U.S. and modeled after the governmental system of the United States including having freedom of the press which allowed extremist newspapers to publish articles criticizing him.

Somoza details the final years of his non-stop seemingly improbable successes in dealing with the onslaught of attacks which were ultimately initiated by the global elite— with his successes being due to the overwhelming support of the majority of the people in his country who understood the situation and pulled together to help push back the Communist Sandinistas; however trade embargoes covertly enforced by the U.S. combined with attacks by Sandinista militants pouring in from adjacent countries who where funded by the globalist Establishment eventually overtook the resources of Somoza’s free government, with many heroic and honorable individuals who understood what was at stake fighting until they ran out of ammunition, with many of them subsequently being tortured and murdered.

In July 1979, Somoza was forced to resign the Presidency and eventually took refuge in Paraguay. He was assassinated in 1980 near his exile home in Paraguay shortly after his book was published.

Somoza's autobiography is an important historical document because it illustrates the fact that Communist paramilitary groups in Central America which the United States is ”exposed” in the mainstream media as waging covert wars against are actually themselves created and controlled by the Establishment global elite, often through the covert cooperation of Fidel Castro’s Cuba.

The totalitarian Communist Sandinista FSLN government which took over Nicaragua had direction and support from Castro’s Cuba, and shortly after taking power they massacred and imprisioned thousands of innocent people, implemented bans on free speech, and took land and property of the people of Nicaragua to be ”redistributed.” Today Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere after Haiti.

As par for the course, in 1981 Ronald Reagan then condemned the FSLN for ”joining with Cuba in supporting Marxist revolutionary movements in other Latin American countries such as El Salvador,” and then authorized the CIA to form the ”Contras,” which were made up of remnants of Somoza’s National Guard, to fight the Sandinistas— thus furthering a covert agenda of ensuring Central America remains incapacitated in a condition of conflict and suffering, with the global elite being responsible for all aspects of the situation.

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”Last Plane Out” - Official Trailer

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This trailer from the 1982 Hollywood movie ”Last Plane Out” presents a representation of the chaos which ensued at the end of the Somoza Presidency when the Sandinistas took power. The film chronicles the journey of the journalist Jack Cox (who co-wrote Somoza's book Nicaragua Betrayed) to Nicaragua when Somoza was battling insurgents.

[Note: Updated April 13, 2012— Claims of Jack Cox being killed while onboard the Korean Air flight 007 that was shot down over the Soviet Union in 1983 are not correct, as Cox had authored the book ”Requiem in the Tropics” in 1987. However, it is true that onboard that flight was the U.S. Congressman Larry MacDonald who was the President of the John Birch Society. MacDonald was staunchly anti-Communist and communicated the truth about Communism being covertly controlled by the global elite.]

”Nicaragua: An Unfinished Revolution” - Part 2 ( Note: This is a ”disinformation” video )

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This documentary presented on the (covertly CIA associated) Al Jazeera television network in 2009 supplies common extreme leftist disinformation about the Sandinista political revolution in Nicaragua which overthrew the democratically elected pro-U.S. leader Anastasio Somoza. The documentary reinforces the official view of the Sandinista rebels as being ”courageous adversaries of Washington” who stood up against the U.S. and won, and suggests that the Sandinistas are a ”positive force” for the country despite criticizing them. The video then details the official view of how the U.S. then needed to ”intervene” to stop the Sandinistas in 1982 by empowering the Contras against them, however in reality much proof shows that both the Contras and the Sandinistas are controlled by the same global elite as a part of a larger strategy of destabilizing Central America for eventual globalist ulterior motives of consolidation of those countries under a totalitarian New World Order.

The Assassination of Anastasio Somoza in 1980

From a Wikipedia article detailing Anastasio Somoza, taken February 2, 2011:

Somoza was assassinated near his exile home on September 17, 1980. He was 54 years old. Somoza Debayle was ambushed by a seven-person Sandinista commando team (four men and three women). ...

The car Anastasio Somoza was traveling in when he was assassinated.
The Sandinista team had two Soviet-made machine guns, two AK-47 assault rifles, two automatic pistols, and an RPG-7 rocket launcher with four anti-tank grenades and two rockets. ... One of the team members said: ”We cannot tolerate the existence of millionaire playboys while thousands of Latin Americans are dying of hunger. We are perfectly willing to give up our lives for this cause.”

For over six months the Sandinista assassins researched and planned their assault. The team meticulously studied Somoza’s movements with a team member who was staked out at a newspaper kiosk near the estate. They waited in ambush for Somoza in Avenida España. Somoza was often driven about the city in a presumed unarmored Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan. Team member Oswaldo, disguised as a paper boy, watched Somoza exit the estate and signaled when he was leaving at 10:10 A.M.

Once in position, Hugo Irarzun (El Capitán Santiago) readied the RPG-7. He tried to fire an anti-tank rocket at the car, but the RPG-7 misfired. Ramon then gunned down the chauffeur while Irarzun quickly reloaded the RPG with a new rocket. The second rocket made a direct hit on the sedan. ... Somoza was killed instantly and charred with the other two passengers in the car, his financial advisor Jou Baittiner and his new driver César Gallardo. Later Media reports in Paraguay stated that Somoza’s body was so unrecognizable that forensics had to identify him through his feet.


Somoza was buried in Miami at Woodlawn Park Cemetery and Mausoleum. A few months before Somoza’s death, his memoirs, ”Nicaragua Betrayed,” were published. In them he blamed the Carter Administration for his downfall. His son, Anastasio Somoza Portocarrero, went into exile in Guatemala.

Former National Intelligence Officer for Latin America and Cuba expert, Professor Brian Latell, argues in his book ”After Fidel,” that the plan to assassinate Somoza was devised in Havana with direct input from Fidel Castro. According to him, the Sandinistas had won power in July 1979 with the assistance of massive, covert Cuban military aid. ...

After the assassination, Somoza was buried in Miami. His funeral became an occasion for Nicaraguan and Cuban exiles in South Florida to gather and protest the left-wing governments of Nicaragua under the FSLN and Cuba under Castro.

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